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I'll make the most of it !

Thanks a lot for the feedbacks !

Thanks for your review !
Alas you're right, I have bugs to fix and content to create, but I couldn't during the jam, I had only 4 days, and there is another major issue, I posted in the devlog, currently you can't die, the worst case scenario is simply soft blocking… So that's a project I'll continue a bit to bring it to a commercially valid quality, with level restart, level indicator, key remapping, music muting, more sounds, etc.

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Yeah, it seems to have issue under arch too, the web version, which is honestly the 0.1.1, in which I removed all the multithreading work:

Thanks a lot for your report !

Nice effort giving it seems to have been coded from scratch using Java ! The gameplay is nice, it is fun, there is a puzzle aspect to it, but for me it's more a platformer, but I like it.

"Tutorial: you're on your own" XD
Seriously, this art-style is pushed to 11 and is awesome, there is a real quality that transpire from this game, the black and white theme is totally here, the gameplay is purely point and click, which lead to my first and only bad point, that is not a puzzle game, it's just a form of visual riddles. All the rest is very interesting and fun to play if you like "where's waldo" when Tim Burton is in charge of the design (which I enjoyed !)

I feel sad to failed at understanding it, because it is clearly something cool

Yeah, it's pretty nice, congrats to chilibonbon for the cool art, the gameplay is understandable easily, even if the first encounter with the green snake is treacherous, I played until level 7, once you get the gist it's okay, not crazy, but still fun, the puzzle theme is there, fine, the black and white is here too.
I'm not enthusiast, the game need some "ungenericness" but it is in fact ok, so, yeah…

Huuu, I understood nearly nothing, really, I destroyed an enemy with a fireball, I placed a card on the field, punched and enemy but I couldn't pass my turn or do anything significant… I must be stupid or something.
I don't see the black and white theme, nor the puzzle :/ Maybe it's totally a misunderstanding.

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Fabulous ! It's kinda like a MGS for the intrusion/distraction aspect, very clever game system. It is said that using the mouse as main control is not cool for accessibility, but in this case it is totally balanced by the "point navigation", which is great ! Honestly, if I have to say only one thing bad it is that it doesn't "respect the black and white theme" and is it really a puzzle game ? (I'll vote yes)

The Black and White theme is well respected, despite the (beautiful) CRT screen shader rgb abherations, the story is fun even if I had to wait a second before realising I had to mouse click to advance in the frames, It's made with Godot and it's Open-source, that's a BIG PLUS <3 (damn that shader).
On the bad sides: full keyboard, without config, being french on an azerty keyboard (yes, that's a thing), that's a little pain to get through, glad I'm not also left handed, it would have been worst, that apart, it's not really a puzzle game, I mean, as you state in your brainstorm, it's an escape room with riddles, not a puzzle ! :/ And that's sad, because,if I had the brain power and the will to solve riddles right now I would enjoyed it, but I'm tired of a long day, so… :/ I'll keep it to try it properly when I'll feel ready.

The art is minimalist and nice, but the ambient warm light go against the "black and white" theme, that's a pity, but the main course is the concept, which is absolutely brilliant but badly executed, the gameplay being all about keyboard, which is great for accessibility but totally kill the fun ! Would be 100% better using the mouse !

There is issues on Win 10 :/, I can re-enable the win dl for win 7 if you want


esc: pause menu (with a "forfeit" button)

alt-f4: quick quit

←↑→↓ : move