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Hey there! Just updated it so you can actually play now :]

This was AWESOME!!!! This is my favorite game I have played in this jam! The visuals popped, (I love a good cyberpunk ascetic, and this did not disappoint!) the gameplay felt really unique and creative. and the sound design was really on point! How does this game not have any ratings?! (I would but I did not submit it on time.) It is seriously a great concept and I hope more people play it before voting is finished. I look forward to seeing what comes of this in the future :]

Ultra-satisfying! Would definitely recommend it!

Looks super clean! After defeating the first orb, my game froze for a moment and then resumed as normal, but after that, I was not able to find anything else. The tutorial paper is well done as well, and the best part is that you can use it to fly, just hold it close to your heart and watch yourself ascend into the heavens! 

Visually looks good. I thought I had broken the game for the longest time, but then I realized the game was 3rd person. The character controller is nice, but the enemies cannot get you if you sit on the building and just wait. However, the inclusion of the main menu adds a nice amount of polish.

(Roaring Applause) Incredible! Amazing massage! Wonderful visuals! The actual game mechanics are a ting tedious, but this is overall a great VR experience.

This game has a very interesting atmosphere and art direction. The concept is interesting, but it was a bit boring/confusing to just walk-through random hallways and hope to find stuff, and I got stuck on a ledge near a big door at some point and had to restart. But if you can find them the game has some decent puzzles! For a game jam, this is pretty good.

Hey there, still looking for a teammate?

Fun! Best game I have played in the Jam yet.

Hello Keen. This would be a great foundation for a team. In the past I have made a virtual board game, a platformer demo, and a handful of experimental prototypes. I am not sure what I would like to make in the future, that is partly the reason why I joined this game jam. As for music, it will really depend on the type of game we decide on making. 

Also, I tried to make a chat room in discord, but I am kind of new to it as well, so I was not able to figure it out. My user name is Gravity_Mx#1780 if you know how to do it.

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I am primarily a programmer who is just looking for something to make. I have made a couple of games in the past but I have not posted them. My programming engine of choice is Game Maker Studios 2 and have a pretty solid grasp of how it works. If you think I'd be a good fit for your team, let me know.