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Thanks! Haha, not to brag, but creating puzzles are one of my few talents. Terrible at writing a story though haha.

I'm happy to announce that the game has finally been fully released on Steam! The full game has a gameplay of at least 25 hours, with multiple side quests and many more to come through future updates! Check it out in the Steam page:

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while, I was so busy with university that I didn't have much time for game dev.

So the good news is that I'm near the release of Luna Sanctus! The main story is complete done and most sidequests are done! I'm just adding final touches, fixing bugs, details, some music, etc. In about 1-2 months, I'll be ready to release. I plan on releasing here and on steam (if I pass their screening process).

Since there are significant changes with the demo, I'll probably be replacing the demo soon. The battle system has evolved (new UI, ability to move on the grid during battle, balance, ATB timeline for all, etc.), there are a lot more tracks, changed some of the maps, etc. 

I'm really excited to finish the project! I say finish, but I'll probably be updating it often by adding additional quests (since the quest system is fairly modular). 

Thanks for following this project!

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Unfortunately the story still ends at Boreas, and will probably never be extended in the demo.  This was a bug fix, and a patch that addressed some issues that people pointed out (new battle UI, no more action sequence, intrusive minimap, etc.). The complete version should be out sometime during Q2 this year, or end of Q1 if I decide to have a few sleepless nights. I'm actually pretty well far in development since I've done the entire main story, with only the final dungeon left. However, I intend to add a couple of side quests before releasing the complete game. 

Don't worry, I'll contact you when the entire game is finished and released!

So I'm creating this thread in order to have a centralized place for people to report bugs and typos. I'm asking you guys to help me fix bugs and typos since it is impossible for me to find them all (working alone on this project). Please try to be specific when reporting an issue (what is the issue, when is it happening, etc.)

Luna Sanctus

Yeah composing isn't an easy task, but it is very rewarding! The pleasure you get from it is incredible. 

Thanks for playing and uploading the entire demo! A lot a work went into this project, especially since I'm mostly developing this alone (except the characters's graphics. So I've done everything from coding, to story writing, to composing music)!

Thanks for the answer! For the action sequence, I'm asking because some other people (in the RPG Maker community) also didn't like it. Honestly I'm not a big fan either, but some people said they liked it so I just incorporated it. I could easily remove it and the battle would work just fine (the hero would just automatically gain his 3 souls).

I'll definitely keep updating the game. I'm using Itch's butler system, so anyone who has the itch desktop launcher should get the updates automatically. But also keep in mind that this is a demo, and it will only get fix and balance updates. The full game already has much more content (basically everything you see in the quest menu is already done) and I'm almost done coding the main story. I'm expecting about 3-4 months until I fully release the game. I'll definitely hit you up once the game is finished! 

Thank you for promoting this project, it is really appreciated!

Just saw the video! It was awesome! I  like your style of let's play video! Congratulations btw for the Lamia, she is the hardest boss by far. 

The demo is almost finished. After the dungeon you're currently in (Mount Grevis), which is shorter than the previous dungeon, you'll have one boss fight (which is easier than the Lamia) and then it's done! One more video should be plenty enough to cover the rest of the demo. 

To answer some of your questions:

1) Elemental resistances: the percentage indicated is the percentage of damage the victim will receive. 100% means no resistances and no weaknesses, 80% means it will take 20% less damage (so less than 100 means resistance), and 120% means it will take 20% more damage (so more than 100 means weakness).

2) Abilities: You had a good grasp of the system at the end of your second let's play. All the effect listed on a skill are active. Using a sacred tablet (or emblem) will simply level up an ability, making its effect stronger. That way, the player can customize his skills to his liking and choose his builds. For instance, for all of Francis' spells, you can decide to build the skill for single target damage or focus on AoE damage.

3) Hero Abilities: Hero abilities are different than skill abilities (the system you've been using in the second video). Hero abilities are general abilities that apply to all the actions of a hero. Like the skill abilities, all the hero abilities listed are active, and using an emblem will level up an ability an increase its effect. You access hero abilities through Status -> Abilities.

4) Magical items: Those that are listed in the window on the right when you inspect your skill abilities (the item highlighted in blue is the one you need to upgrade the ability your cursor is on). All the "sacred tablets" are used to level up skill abilities, and all "emblems" are used to level up hero abilities (I think you have a couple of them in your inventory).

I also have a question for you: do you think it would be better to simply remove the action sequence mechanic (during the regular attacks) and simply make it so the player receives his 3 souls automatically after the attack? Some people said that they didn't like the action sequence thing.

As for your speculations, they are mostly correct lol (I guess a jrpg isn't that hard to guess haha). Azel and Marianne are the main protagonists, so yeah... relation between them? Maybe??? (spoiler alert). Don't worry about Francis, he's older than the others so he won't steal anyone's girl. As for the relation between Azel and Yukari, they are like brother and sister since they grew up together in the same home (that part is covered at the beginning of the complete game), so no romantic relationship there haha (unless people are into that???).

Great to hear! Thank you!

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I just want to say, if you don't want to bother learn the ability system for the demo, there's an option at the start of the demo to automatically assign ability points to skills and hero.

Hero Abilities: They are abilities that boost a hero overall. They can be upgraded with [color] emblems.  To upgrade them, head into the Status Menu -> Abilities.

Skill Abilities: They are abilities that boost a single skill on a single hero. They can be upgraded with [color] sacred tablets. To upgrade them, head into Status Menu -> Skills -> Select skill to view abilities and upgrade. 

The abilities listed on a skill, or those on the hero, are all active and produce the effect listed in their description. Leveling an ability simply increases its effect (it's not a system where you select which ability you want to activate, since they are all active). To level an ability, you need a particular item: [color] emblem for hero abilities, and [color] sacred tablet for skill abilities. The [color] necessary for a particular ability depends on the ability. To know which item you need to level a particular skill, simply put your cursor on the ability, and the item needed should light up in blue on the right.

Here's what the screen should look like when upgrading HERO ABILITIES:

Here's what the screen should look like when upgrading SKILL ABILITIES:

If you have any questions, please ask them. But remember, this system is intended to be learned over the course of the first few hours of the completed game. Learning it in a short demo is not ideal, I know, and that's why I gave the option to simply assign ability points automatically.

Hey! Great let's play video! 

Just a couple of things:

1) To upgrade an ability, you must do it in the status menu. To upgrade skill abilities (abilities that buff a particular skill), go to Menu-> Status -> Skill -> Select a skill to upgrade. To upgrade a hero ability, head to Menu -> Status -> Abilities. 

2) The game use MP and Soul for skills (that's why at one point Francis couldn't use skills). MP is pretty traditional, but Souls (the green circles in the battle status window) are extremely volatile and replenish quickly by successfully executing the normal attack sequence. There is a maximum amount of 6 souls, and the action sequence recovers 3 souls.

Thanks for playing! I hope you liked it! If you have a chance to continue playing, I highly suggest you take a second look at the ability system! You can upgrade your skills and upgrade each hero!