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Loved the sprite art. Good level design. I much prefer playing as cat than chicken as cat felt springier.

Excellent work! Nice use of the theme. Visuals are good. Nice choice in music too. A little tighter controls would be appreciated but still a really strong effort from every one involved!

Interesting idea, nice art. A little hard to control.

Excellent use of the theme. Great visuals. This game NEEDS some music to go with it! If you could shoot things too, that would be nice.

If you continue to work on this project with the same creative spark that gave us the brain eating minigame I feel confident the end result will be something special.

What an efficient use of time and resources to make a charming little submission. Good work!

A great bit of fun!

I do enjoy charge jumps but it does slow the proceedings down a bit and the level design is too punishing. Still the little avatars are very cute. Good try, keep at it.

Nah man, you killed it.

Great use of the theme. Fun little demo. Hopefully we'll see more of this title in the future.

So satisfying. Really clean presentation. Good work!

Nice presentation, feels good to play. Would have been nice to have a health bar.

Good choice of audio. Game could use a bit of polish. A better tutorial would help alot. 

Great work! Its an interesting take on the theme. Looks good, sounds good and plays well. I love being able to aim the ball freely using the mouse.

Top notch presentation just a little too obtuse

Sound and visuals were great and the idea of combining magic spells has a lot of mileage to it, However I wonder if it would be better suited for another style of game as the act of looking for materials slows down the action of a little. 

Took a little time to realise that the right mouse button fired the shot but once I got it going its an interesting little action puzzle game. Good job!

Love this! The art is crisp and clean, the soundtrack is proper old school. The gameplay felt good and damaging yourself to break the environment in order to further your progress was a great take on the theme!

Crushing it with the pixel art! Charming soundtrack really fits. Maybe a heart shaped targeting reticule could make it easier to line up who you want to click on?  I find it funny that the people who are already in a couple are uniformly, dressed in miserable grey.

A fun, out of the box, take on this years theme. The game is simple and fun, I liked it a lot. You could expand the idea into a full platformer. Like qwop meets ms. splosion man XD

Cute music. 

No worries, it did make me feel a little dazed and disorientated which I'm sure was how you felt at 4 in the morning. So in a way it fit the games tone perfectly! XD

Cute artwork.

Clean presentation,  relaxing music, simple gameplay that ramps up nicely. Just a thoroughly enjoyable game!

Weird and wonderful! The 2d characters in a 3d environment remind me of parappa the rapper. Controlling the camera was a bit fiddly though.  

Fun, trippy music and art style but could have benefitted from a tutorial even if its just a splash page of how the controls work.

Interesting idea. Really satisfying. Please keep building on this. Maybe have real conversations you need to find clues in to figure out who the caller wants to be connected to. It could be the "Papers Please" of telecommunication.  

Cute game, charming artwork. Interesting progression system. 

Super fun, balls hard, but there is a great rhythm to the action that makes it really addicting.

Fun, simple gameplay. Love the sound effects!

An interesting idea for a game.

Certainly stress inducing XD

Great job on the presentation, I dig the efficient graphic design and the sound track is nice easy listening. 

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Hey Beztom

Yes its true, my original intention was to have multiple holes surfacing, however I ran into trouble getting the holes to respond to their respective keys so I had to submit the project as Is.

The finished product was intended to be more hectic with the player having to hold out until the timer runs down and the win screen comes up with a green "Shipe Shape." 

But I can see now how that might be confusing and perhaps I should have put the colloquialism in brackets underneath a nice big "you win," just to be clear.   

Thank you for letting me know.

After the Jam is over, I'll have to upload an executable version.