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The new version is really awesome

Improving tools, completely changing the interface and settings (finally, I can put my shortcuts), improving the animation timeline

But still, something saddened - the layers are closely tied to the animation timeline

No, the animation timeline is very convenient, but convenient only for the animation itself. For drawing, this is more likely to interfere.
In the previous version, you could simply delete the time bar and then draw and see layers and manage them.

But now it’s inconvenient to draw, because the layers are not visible if the time bar is removed, and they are still at the bottom, which cuts off part of the screen for the canvas. (It’s more convenient to track the layers bottom side, as in the previous version)

Please make two modes: 1 for drawing and 2 for animation. Well, or something like that. Or make 2 settings of the screen mode: 1 as in the previous 0.6+ (it was very convenient for drawing, but not very convenient in animation) and 2 as in version 0.7.0 (very convenient in animation, but not in drawing)

I hope this helps you a bit in developing this program.

Thank you for continuing to develop this great product.

Your program is very good

surprisingly it's available for free
a lot of things done well
brushes, basic filters on images, keyboard shortcuts and much more

but there are suggestions for improving this wonderful program:

1) add folders
yes, when there is a bit of art and you need several layers, you can do without it, but when you start to do a lot of work with a huge amount of detail, the folder will become a useful tool for distributing and linking everything into work.

2) add a layer mask
I think it will also be useful to add this. Yes, you can manually add parts to certain areas, but sometimes it is terribly inconvenient. Layer mask will save a little time

3) add a button to move a specific layer
The selection tool, of course, is universal and useful, but for it it is inconvenient to move images of certain layers.

4) correct the error with a space and enter the action
I don’t know what this is connected with, but when I move the camera to another place, the previous action (for example, adding a layer, filter, deleting a layer) is repeated by pressing the spacebar or by entering until you press another button or perform other actions and so on infinity (I hope I clearly explained this error).

I hope everything is clear. My English is bad.

Thanks again for this program for creativity and work.
Good luck, willpower and health to the entire Pixelorama development team.