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video is so cool just made my day, thank you so much

I loved your video u got a big fan from today

i love this part "connect what's happening in the dream to actual events" This gave me a lot of ideas


I will definitely do full of  jump scares, like some scary faces behind the window, and recently learn how to make a password 

Thank you and I will be happy to let me know when your game is published 

I always do the graphics first, I believe that when you are in the environment and go around there, the ideas just come, i really like your idea and of course that dangerous GPT:) 

i was thinking that after disappearing people and that strangelights, to make the items easier, a female voice in the speaker, says the tasks, and this voice should be so wired, And if we show that the character is in an illusion and a dream and at the end he wakes up and sees that he fell asleep in the first place and has been sitting all of the time.

  The car arrives at the station and the door opens, passengers leave the door and the last person the character sees in the station, is the main scary character

It is difficult to make a puzzle with sleepy people and there is little space in the subway to put puzzles, but i like the loop idea

I changed the seats and lighting, I think the green light was not so scary

Hi guys, I recently made a 2d assets in limbo game style with so many items and tutorial.

after that I make so many levels by my own assets like these

you can see the asset here

this is a golf game that I made and as soon as possible will publish that

so great to hear that, inform me if you have any problems

i love the graphics well done

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the previous version was low performance and bad graphic, this version only in android has bake environment, better scenario and what i saw in other youtubers videos they always miss some scary items because of bad arrangement, in this version you cant miss any 13 scary item of the game

that wasa god level idea man, thnks , I have some limitations, including the number of characters, because the characters need animation, and it is difficult for me, but I will bring a large number.

I'm working on horror game in subway,

I thought a lot about the scenario, but I didn't come up with a specific idea. I would be happy to hear your ideas

For now, I think that the story will start from inside the subway and in pov

And it ends at the train station, a short horror game, about 15 mins

I am doing graphics

Thank you so much for your feedback, yes this was my first experience in selling assets So I preferred to just test myself in it

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I'm glad u enjoyed, and if you have any criticism, tell me TNX

thanks for playing glad to hear that

incredible thanks to u man, Actually, I was thinking about the Android version and releasing it on Google Play, and I doubted whether people would like it or not, this video helped me a lot to continue :)

hey man that was so cool, sorry for crashing😂 i fix this in new update

You are amazing, the video was amazing i really enjoyed.

I hope u enjoyed TNX so much

I loved your video u got a big fan from today

video is so cool just made my day, thank you so much

telegram >

TNX. Seeing you enjoying the game makes the developer feel GREEAATT!

great design lol

I appreciate and am glad you liked the scenario

TNX glad to hear dat

my man🤝 Thanks for the feedback

Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoy it

the music was great! :/