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Happy to hear you have interest to try my game!

Currently I am working on huge update which I will release for limited time on After that "Space Wreck" moves to Early Access on Steam as downloadable-only game.

If you want to try the game, I would recommend waiting at least for this new update. Currently I have even unlisted the game.

Currently you don't. This is a browser game for now.

Thanks for kind words, I appreciate a lot! 

And thanks for bug reports a lot! Turns out testing is one of those things I cannot do on my own :) Those are very valuable, I will get right on them.

Thanks for extra info! Yes, I realise its plot-stuck. For some reason the state never changes to engine being fixed in some cases for some playthroughs, could not reproduce myself, so tough hunting this bug :(

Did you get stuck in fullscreen mode or windowed?

Proper answer! Thanks!

The graphics engine, tilemap support, pathfinding and sounds come from META 2D engine

It's typical JS library, here's one typical example:

I am not author of the library, so you'll have to contact him via Contact form on

However, the game itself for now does not have publicly available editor or mod support.


Aaaand I broke new game, crap

Pushed another update. Biggest thing - sneak peek into closer containers. Should improve looting

Pushed a silent patch, that should fix at least 2 run-time errors. Further improvements when I get back.

Whoa! Was extremely [pleasantly] surprised! And excited - after all this is first time anyone plays my game on youtube. Thanks!

As per the content, it sometimes is painful to watch UI/quest design oversights that are so obvious [when somebody else plays]. I will fix/improve them for sure. But first, the bugs.

I've already uploaded a silent patch already that should fix both of the run-time errors.

Are there any errors in console? I've heard about this bug, but could not reproduce even from save. So, you have 2 fuel regulators in your inventory? Could you list the steps that you took since leaving Orion with chip?

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I've fixed 2 of the runtimes issues locally (thanks for stack trace! helped me), but the patch should come only as soon as I get to normal internet at hotel. Last night was hellish logistics nightmare, so running late.

Darn it, thats some quality QA and suggestions there! Thank you!  Will check them more later, nowI’n en route to Reboot games conference

Thanks! Yeah, I’m a fallout junkie



Pushed new patch with added shortcuts: (and a bit more)

It should have been white. Bug. Thanks!

True that. Will fix, thanks!

I can make it happen if there is interest. 

My bad, it was not supposed to be downloadable. This is browser game