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Two questions: Can this thing export models? Is it still being worked on?

Yeah, that's a big design flaw I wasn't sure how to fix. Marking items as forgiveable by checking them early is a good idea. It sure is better than outright deleting them or telling the player "tough tits". 

Alas, 1 week dev time, but this is definitely going into the ToDo, for when I have the time, thanks for the feedback!

Seems simple enough, so no dithering or fancy stuff, just bitcrushed in bulk? Did you dev with the full renders and crusted them last thing before release?

What was the process to make all those renders crusty and lofi? I would love to learn to do the same, it's too perfect. Game looks like it genuinely was a long lost Win98 point and click from the Lucas Arts era.

This topic is something I very much want to learn about, is there any devlog, manual or similar explaining how the generation is done?

Wow, you'd think having seen this in fiction a million times would mean I wouldn't have the reaction I had with this. Well no such luck. Knowing it's real is seemingly all it takes.

Just "Freefall" alone made me red-faced and dizzy with all blood going to my chest and face, head pounding, chest hurting with irregular breathing and watery eyes. Almost hurled. 

Some people will just say "great, another one of these pretentious artsy angsty nothing sandwich barely games". 

Some might even spew some totally original and still funny joke around the number 41. 

To the former: understand context better, that's not the point of these.

To the latter: new material when, you extremely valuable member of society?

It's no wonder people are still fearfully quiet about heavy themes while openly being casually but indirectly mocked by those who should be just and protect them and be actually impartial, not join in because it's considered "normal", or even set up rules and structures that exacerbate this, essentially making ostracizing compulsory. Well you fucking bullying hypocrites, your stubborn views not only net you a lifetime enemy, but has set up quite the trap for those who "don't belong", and what is narrated here is the result. Not sure why you think it's ok for OTHERS to pay for your arrogance and shortcomings.

See, by creating this little (figuratively, it's actually far from little) bubble of yours to shield you from all that makes you uncomfortable, under the guise of what is "right", you are creating a vacuum that resents you and actively excludes you. But with this you have deprived yourselves of the real world, so It's no wonder the moment you step foot outside the friction causes quite the shock. Again, not fair for those doing their best to fit in -even going as far as moderating or hiding their own self for your convenience or the sake of coexisting- to be the ones paying for your nonsense.

Oh no! I tried going to your twitter using the link above and I ended up in a "this account doesn't exist" landing page.

That'd be the Lust floor

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You should be proud. To this date, the center I did the internship at that prompted me to create a fun way to teach old folk to use a computer are still doing the course.

Since I ordered the games used as a gentle difficulty slope that slowly introduces new concepts, yours is one of the earlier ones, teaching drag and drop. I have in good faith you contributed to ease many seniors into the new age. Probably over 500 by this point.

Isn't SAI a paid product? Why the f*** isn't this supported out of the box? Why do YOU need to come along and fix it for them?

Anytime! I did say "time to be a dick to a poor game on early development to break shit" :P

Needless to say, I'm absolutely stoked this project exists, as I'm a big fan of the (good) Paper Marios

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Ok so here is what I found:

Bug: Holding a side direction in the main menu with a sidemost option selected will make Scrapgirl freak out. Eventually, all this turning around and running from side to side makes her sketch graphics to turn completely black (like a shadow) while staying at a weird, half turned angle. 

Suggested fix: disable main menu "wrap around" to make the spamming that makes this posible not available to the player anymore.

Bug: Spinning cards in their overwold form sometimes display a completely black backside, probably due to lighting.

Suggested fix: Give these cards their own light source to both overcome this and give them some "importance"

Bug: Scrapgirl might vibrate or rock slightly back and forth in some complex level geometry.

Suggested fix: Assuming you are calculating Scrapgirl's angle in realtime with some kind of normal calculation: don't. You are better off establishing simple collision maps for otherwise visually intricate objects.

Bug: The second tree (the ragdolly one) in the second room freaks out way too easily.

Suggested fix: Tone down realtime physics and give it an animation instead.

Tidbit: Mr "you fixed the bridge" mouse guy just casually floats across the gaps (snort)

Tidbit: Never though I said this, but this game needs more invisible walls,specially on the front and back edge of the stage. I find myself constantly falling even when paying attention. (The sound that plays when this happens is amazing, though)

Tidbit: Speaking off, the "you fell off" mechanics need some revision. For one, camera needs to stop following the player. Otherwise you start seeing floating level geometry and the innards of the level design. I also strongly suggest getting rid of the "blackout fade" effect and instead implement something more in the lines of Paper Mario TTYD (Where you get your but munched on by some chomp fish and fly back to the next checkpoint).

Tidbit: Speaking-speaking off, the checkpoint system is at a whack. If I'm coming from the right and fall in a hole I should spawn on the other side, not be "rewarded" and teleported to my destination.

Bug: In the paper plane room, the sign that tell you not to speak to the cat displays it's "?" horizontally flipped.

Bug: You are able to pick the plane powerup more than once, as it keeps respawning upon re-entering the room.

Tidbit: You walk SO SLOW in the 2D background section.

Tidbit: Need a "you got something while holding it up" charade for items that are cards and "important stuff" like the fruits.

Tidbit: In the rainy tornado room you could benefir from forcing the player to pick up the card. Don't be afraid to gently trap the player to force them into learning something! If you can't, remember to implement a camera pan towards the missed crucial item upon entering the room right before allowing the player to move (See Luigi's Mansion)

Tidbit: The second gap in the second room is a leap of faith. Mark down a trayectory with coins. You could also benefit from using Mr Mouse again, making him complain about a second missing bridge the player needs to reactivate and being all "Now what?". Also the guy crossing the bridge should really be a mini-cutscene where the player looses control for a couple of seconds.

Tidbit: Need to "gently force" the player to practice the tornado+jump technique in a safe place, probably design the "trap" in the rainy room so the player can get in but needs to do the special jump to get out.

Tidbit: When moving fast the camera fails to catch up. For example, if the player moves right very fast they are on the right side of the screen. What should really happen instead is that the camera looks ahead more, placing the player on the left side of the screen and allowing them to react to incoming level.

Tidbit: Careful with finicky platforming in these game style: it can get tedious FAST.

Tidbit: In the rainy room, the shallow water on the right looks inviting, like it's not deep enough to kill you and that you can probably just walk inside without fear.

So..Assassins Creed DS?

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Alright universe, you win! I'll stop my no-video streak to cover this. 

Hope you don't mind a paisano let's play!

EDIT: Wait, how do I reset save data?

Well my internship at the citizen center I created this course/program/thing at is already over. That being said, I can very easily tell my old boss to be on the lookout for updates on this particular game.

That being said x2 , the fuzzy effect added to the experience and helped them quickly understand they were getting tipsy in-game and why the controls were fighting them, and it didn't get in the way whatsoever. Around 30 gramps got a giggle and immediately became invested in getting a better score while smiling like little kids. It was a Wii moment.

I meant the blurry part, not the controls fighting you part. Some background, I used this game to teach some really old people basic mouse motor skills while having fun and at the time of my comment I was afraid the fuzziness would be an obstacle.

Really bad controls for a platformer

I would really like to see a drunkless version. Otherwise, this game looks perfect to train elders on how to use a mouse

Can't reproduce it myself after the update. 

Colateral bugfixing FTW

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Good evening, I have some suggestions for the game:

  • Make storage accesible from all 4 sides.
  • Provide a way to customize workerbots by both changing color, name and maybe even hats so people can tell them appart and come up with uniforms for different jobs.
  • A map, a list or any other way to make the camera jump to a bot's location easily
  • Provide a way to tell workerbots to "go here" without the need of teaching them to go to said location or simply picking them up
  • The same way we can detect workerbots with depleted energy so others can recharge it, we should be able to detect a "cursing" bot in the "my tool broke" state, and maybe trigger workerbots whose job is to give them a new tool.
  • Expand workerbots logic: more in depth flow control of the program, like if clauses wrapers to set instructions to only be executed when certain conditions are met (maybe the next tier of workerbots that use the metal gears have this expanded logic?)
  • Comunication and trading between workerbots: Allow workerbots to yell a message that can be detected by actively listening ones and maybe trigger actions across the map. For example set a "MyShovelBroke" yell in case the bot enters the cursing state that can be heard by a shovel delibery bot that is waiting.
  • Beacon type that is still valid even when someone is holding them.
  • The cap of 10 on some item types in storage crates makes it more worthwhile to just stack them in the world. Clearly, your intent isn't to have players stacking 100+ shovels directly into the clouds.
  • Wireless item storage? This behavious is provably intended, but maybe this feature should be behind more expensive crafting processes. Right now, 4 mere planks isn't all that dear.

Some wonky things I was able to do:

  • When a bot is in your hands after telling it to stop, you can trade it as any other held item to another bot. If this bot is also in idle state, you can repeat this process as many times as you like, creating a tower of stacked robots. Not only does this look really funny, it also enables the player to move entire armies of workerbots in a single trip.
  • "Refined" wooden gears storage allows bots to drop new gears even when the cap was met. When this happens, the newly made ones simply go to waste and disappear, even if you build new storage after that and set it to the same item type, the "lost" units don't come back every single time, so there's some inconsistent behaviour going on.
  • Using repeat X times wrappers set to 0 to disable parts of code on the fly. While useful this is a very un-elegant way of commenting instructions. Maybe add a wrapper with a literal on/off switch icon to archieve the same results?

In that case will you be posting the soundtrack of the game on it's page?

Can we get the exact name of the song and how to get to listen to it?

Information currently provided in the readme is not conclusive

I gave up on this software and now use RocketDock with the "stack docklet" plugin and "Standalone docklets" inside of those.

Not the same result at all but in my case it's close enough to the functionality I was after. If you aren't fond of the dock itself, I'd suggest going directly for the standalone docklets thing. It can create special shortcuts that open speech bubbles of the content of a set folder and one can tell it to be recursive, meaning a click of a subfolder will open a new bubble with the content in the sub-sub directory and so on.

Can we get the soundtrack, please? If music could be food this game's main theme and little jingles would be parmesan cheese.

Depending on the game, executable, gamego will simply refuse to launch anything at all when instructed. Things I've tried include creating a dummy bat file to do the job, pasting the raw route to the executable and directing to .lnk files instead of the .exe directly. All while testing using both bars in the paths (/ and \) and surrounding the whole thing with quotes.

When this happens with a certain game, the closest I get to an execution is chrome opening and prompting me to download said file from my computer to my computer (lol) or simply displaying the contents of the bat file in a new tab. To give an example, I've been struggling trying to get Dig-N-Rig from digipen to launch properly without any success.