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I really loved it! The mechanio is really clever and works surprisingly well for a jam game! It was really fun to mess around with it and I love how systemic it is with all the elements that can looped, super super cool.

The graphics lack a little of polish and lighting but they work well and give the mood of the game (Portal vibe is here ahah) and the audio is real nice with the music too, just the “nope” sfx that is too aggressive in my opinion ^^

You can be proud that is a really creative and original use of the theme in the game design!

Just, the tutorial didn’t work for me as you said, glad there was a level selection screen. I also got stuck in level 15 I think because I couldn’t remove the sphere from the button and couldn’t climb back, luckily, there was a level selection screen xD

And the transitions between levels could be seamless that’d be nice but that seems to be what you intended to do ^^

Overall really good, congrats! One of the bets jam games I’ve played ^^

You're welcome!

This is, incredible. One of the best jam games I’ve played so far, really :o

The concept, the gravity is stuck in a loop or going in circle, is really cool, really nice creative use of the theme here.

The game is so polished, this is really impressive, such physics are not easy to make in such a short time, really well done! I’m also impressed by the animations, they are really smooth, transition well and are well aware of the game’s shifting grounds for the legs, congrats for this!

I like how it starts without a menu and the infos are written in the game’s space!

I did not witness collisions problems or bugs, really great, and I love the game’s graphics style, really clean and professionnal, definitely works with the Inside vibe you talked about, congrats!

I enjoyed it a lot, the audio is great, the mood is incredible one of my favourites!

This is really incredible, one of the best games I’ve played so far in this jam. First, it’s all so neat and without any bugs, already shipable, you’re so talented, everything is good, audio, animations, art, gameplay that feels very good and works super well.

The concept is great, it actually remind me of the concept we used for our entry with ghosts of your past self but with this timeline and the time reverse mechanic and all it’s really different and great, and a little mind blowing when I try to solve puzzles wit it I’ll admit x)

The portal inspiration is obvious but who doesn’t get inspired by portal? I loved the art of the game, and the animation react super well and nicely with the movements of the character.

Loved the meta AI speaking, and how the game loops on itself and you have to play with that too to fin the endings (Or I suppose you have to, couldn’t find more than one sadly :c) Perfect entry I’d say, really, congrats.

Came for the boobies, stayed for the boobies AND the gameplay.

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Really nice game! I enjoyed it a lot and got frustrated a lot too ahah I really liked the fact that when you start everything over it loops seemslessly because that’s basically the shape of the level, but now you have new powers so you can find an exit!

The control ideas are great, I loved the grappling arms, and the looks pretty good, with good humor and audio, you can be proud! One of the best games I’ve played so far ^^

But the physics, it’s SO weird, like what is this gravity ? It’s super strange and not natural, also the hitboxes of the obstacles are not very clear, which is frustrating too.

But overall I really liked it ^^ I managed to finish normal mode with this score !

Really fun concept ! It’s like a management game but for cooking meals to your family! And with the time pressure and actual movements in the world’s space!

I liked it, pretty fun and original, nice job!

I’d really make the ingredients physic affected and stuff in the kitcehn to add to the fun value and cooking rush panic mess ahah And a sprint function, too, felt a little frustrating, but that may just be me

Graphics are really nice and the audio works well! I’m really impressed by how you have GRAPHIC SETTINGS and REMAPPABLE CONTROLS FOR A FRIGGIN JAM GAME WTF

Sadly the game soft locked when I tried to finalize the meal for the 4th time :c Also I don’t see much creative use of the theme, you’re bascially restarting the level again (until everyone is fully satisfied I suppose ?) but I guess it’s there!

I couldn’t find a secret ingredients, the rumors were false :’(

Congrats for this entry!

I liked the gameplay idea, with the elements doing stuff in your stomach, it could really be very interesting to have different objects reacting with each otehr to create different effects!

I found the game quite hard with the attacks coming from all directions though, but you’re already aware of that ! I overall enjoyed it though I did not quite get where the “stuck in the loop” theme interpretation was mmmh
Congrats for this entry !

C'est intéressant comme concept ! ça pourrait être vraiment sympa c'est dommage que les choix qu'on fait son annulés dès qu'on quitte la feuille et qu'ils n'ont aucun impact :/

Graphiquement cool, j'ai bien aimé aussi le fait de naviguer sur la table pour trouver les formulaires, et musique très sympa !

Je n'ai pas compris une bonne partie des questions posées en revanche, c'est un jeu pour initiés !

Bravo pour ce jeu!

Petit jeu de plateformes intéressant!

La formule en terme de gameplay est très classique et les déplacements pourraient être plus agréables, mais l'intérêt réside dans l'art et le récit !

Le style graphique est original et fonctionne bien, il y a une réelle cohérence avec le style narratif, quoique un peu statique et plat, ça mériterait un peu plus d'ombres portées ici et là pour détacher les éléments les uns des autres !

La musique est superbe et colle très bien à l'ambiance, dommage que ça manque d'autres sons !

Très jolie affiche aussi ^^

Vous pouvez être fiers c'était sympa :)

You're welcome!

Wasn’t expecting this type of idea for a jam, a good surprise! I like how the way it’s designed makes so the player, like the employee he is would do, ends up finding speedrunning methods to do his tasks as quickly as possible, that’d be by memorizing the required information or optimizing the transition times and even the display bug that display the next data if you send while it’s loading xD

I liked the humor of it, pretty cool, and the russian accent makes it even better!

The game crashed after the eggnog blogger died though

I’m not quite fond of the way you interpreted the loop theme, I mean these are more or less levels one after another even if yes they are quite similar and such an employee you could say they’re stuck in a routine loop but, idk, I think this not very loop-ish, my opinion though ^^

Doesn’t make the game any less good though, don’t worry! The audio is very good, repetitive but not annoying, like it should be because our position is repetitive.

I tried not listening to the CEO nad doing my job but I got fired :c

Also clever point to make so you can’t have both the classified information and the actual current eggnog infos displayed at the same time, it forces smoothly the player to memorize them, which is more interesting in terms of the intended experience, and makes them faster in the long run!

Congrats for this entry! It was pretty fun ^^

You're welcome!

I liked it! Quite cool boss fight, and a genre I like! The graphics are really nice and the gameplay works well, I liked the mechanic of health :) I suppose that's where the loop is, you're stuck in a fight loop until one of the 2 opponents can deal enough damage to the other ? the audio can become a bit annoying but I find it pretty nice nonetheless, and the controls are a little unusual but that may just be me, solid entry, you can be proud!

Loved it, the game is super neat and pro, the animations feel good and are fun, I liked the graphic style as well, with the level that looks like it's moving!

The mechanic is clever and well used in the puzzles, nice job, you can be proud! It starts quick, has nice transitions and no loading times!

I'd just say that the fact that escape quits the game without question is very frustrating, it's a common key to trigger pause or try to cancel an action (like what I did at the last level to cancel the fact I picked up a block, it quit the game...)

You're welcome!

That was fun ! The mechanic is a little strange but you can master it quite easily! It just lacks more obvious feedback on where it has been grapped, is it grapped to something currently, is it too far to grap, etc...

You tried hard to make a city looking level, good job! The graphics have many issues of course but for a jam that's impressive!

Restarting the level and exploring a new area of the level design each time is an interesting idea, could have done something better with the theme but it's nice it works even if it can feel a little repetitive ^^

The audio is super nice too, well done, and the ragdolls of the enemies are veyr fun when we kill them xD

Congrats this is a very nice entry!

Congrats for your first entry! You have a game that works and that's already a thing!

But, I didn't enjoy it, sorry :c The concept in itself is not bad but the execution is not great. The robot repeats the same annoying movements again and again and the camera is too limiting to see some threats properly. All the obstacles are more or less the same, and due to the emptiness of the less I felt like the boxes were coming at me and not the reverse.
The music is a little annoying though I liked the menu music.
The audio is there but the game doesn't look very good, but there's effort put in it I'll admit that!

You'll do better next time!

Also work on the presentation of your game, your pages don't even have images!

You did a good, job impressive for you age! Decent looking assets, works well without bugs, multiple nice musics, web playable, really congrats!

The enemies kinda felt the same though, the game lacks juice, the loop theme, well, it’s there, but it’s not amazing how you used it ^^ I didn’t have much fun to be honest but that only means you’ll do better next time!

Nice game, works well! A little frustrating on the edge when the righties block you ahah
The use of the snail theme is fun, the graphics are ok, the audio is fun too with the little bop sound xD
I liked it, not crazy fun but it's nice ^^

The zoomout is really cool though, well played xD

I liked it, simple gameplay that works super well! The character is pleasant to control, responds well, the audio is minor but is enough for its vibe, and I like how the particles move when you walk across them, very fun!

The graphic style is well used, you master it, and the loop theme is very well jused, each screen looping on themselves from one side to another and you have to play with that to find an exit, and screens are not spacially connected, if you come back it’s not the same anymore, really cool, you cna be proud!

I liked it! The gameplay loop is not incredible, it gets a little boring quite quickly but it really works well, I love the animations and the audio (And the Undertale references eheh), super neat and complete game! The loop theme usage is nice and it's soon Halloween so it's double theme fit!


I really loved it, super clever and mind bending puzzle mechanics, I felt lost more than once! But it all comes together quite nicely! You can be proud, I love how this looks and the ambiance it has, very otherworldly, and that Euclid in the end xD

Would buy a full version of it!

This is quite incredible, the games looks finished, what an amazing job you did there :o Even if it all felt too luck based (I lost my 2 runs…), I loved it, the board game concept, how polished it was, the animations, the art, the audio, the lore with cats and rats, and the combat system is so cool and innovative! You guys know how to make games that’s for sure, you have my congratulations!

I want to give my congratulations, this game lacks some gameplay elements to make it really enjoyable but it’s not far off from that. The art is amazing, creating such detailed good tracks must have needed a great talent and great tools, you can be proud it’s a pleasure for the eyes! Same goes for the programming involved in the reverse gravity racing that works without bugs and really the sensations are here, moving in these races feels good and can even get a player dizzy by making loops and losing control!

I would have liked buttons to accelerate and slow down though, I don’t know if it’s on purpose that you didn’t put them but that’d only be for gamefeel that would be great.

Great audio too, really works well, I get huge wipeout / F-zero vibes but with your original ways and fitting really well the loop theme, the loop is on the shape of the track, the track itself and the stuck in the endless accelerating in it with ghosts of you you should not touch thing, well done!

Please improve it and make it a full game


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Very nice idea, creative and original! The game has aquite a few bugs and collisions are not on point but it works and is interesting to play! I’d add some juiciness to it, it’s a little dry, and better animations, but overall it has a good mood and ambience, nice audio, graphics do the job, well done!

I love the concept, minimalistic, works well, almost no bugs, interesting take on the theme, with power-ups and stuff and the fact we can move the loop left and right, the audio is very decent, you can be proud! I’d just say, uh, make a better page for your game, it really doesn’t sell it like that. Also, I didn’t like the controls, really hard for me to use the left / right movements so I just didn’t. And I made it to 80 !

Congrats for this entry it’s really cool! It works well, no bugs, gameplay responds well, really neat, and it looks good! I liked the idea of being helped by a replay of yourself, you executed it very well, and actually my team and me had a similar idea but we executed it a completely different way! I enjoyed playing it, and the ending was cool! Nicely adjusted levels and good use of the mechanic, nice difficulty growth, very well done :)

You're welcome !

Ok that’s cool, but how do we get to Piamont city though?

You pretty much synched the gameplay loop with your narrative loop, with the reward being for both the ennemies and the player, it is for sure veyr interesting ! I liked the controls though it could be fast paced and juicy, the animations transitions also were very rough. The graphic style is good, loved the perspective and the global mood, and your presentation page on is neat as it should! I had a good time, played it 2 times, made it to 9 loops, it’s really rewarding to be granted a bonus at the end of each ^^ Also, online leaderbaord, very good job, I can only salute those who make this type of thing.

Very good entry, good gameplay, good audio, mood, and graphics!

For a first game with Unity you did pretty well and are courageous! Effort has been put on the animations and I didn’t notice any bugs whatsoever, you can be proud ! And wow you have a WEBGL !

Now the critics x’) on’t take them too harshly, I know it’s your first game jam and stuff, don’t worry, it’s only for you to see where you could improve (And chances are you already know half of them) The game doesn’t look good at all, which is normal you know, but still, sorry, even more sorry because you animated the character decently. The controls are very rigid, not very pleasant to play, you could have made him jump higher, fall faster, not stay stuck againsts walls, etc… The concept in itself is just punishment for the player, it’s a basic idea of die an retry without game design depth behind, I found it pretty frustrating, but I guess it’s a loop in some way and you managed to do exaclty what you said you wanted to do, so it’s a success ahah.

Anyway, congrats for this game!

J'ai testé le jeu!
J'aime bien le concept, et force est de constater que l'univers que vous avez imaginé est vraiment impressionnant, c'est très beau et varié, j'aime beaucoup les environnements! Dommage qu'il y ai pas mal de problèmes d'éclairages sur assets, ces derniers se liant assez mal entre eux par endroits (Exemple bête : l'herbe, elle est bien jolie mais quand le sol est plus clair qu'elle, c'est moche :/)

C'est vraiment un jeu que j'aurais pris plaisir à explorer, si seulement je l'avais compris.

Beaucoup de choses sont assez rigides et peu compréhensibles, à commencer par les animations du personnage et ses différents bruits de pas, il n'est pas agréable à manier, les transitions sont brusques et pas très agréables, le bruit d'atterrissage se joue trop souvent et devient énervant, et toutes les interfaces sont pauvres et inintéressantes.

C'est très souvent trop le désordre à l'écran pour comprendre où on doit / peut aller, c'est dommage, mais se retrouver au milieu des hautes herbes et autres champignons n'aide pas.

Les créatures sont très jolies et plutôt bien animée, mais elles souffrent des même problèmes de transition et de multiples bugs

Globalement sachez que tous ces retours négatifs ne sont pas à prendre mal, j'ai bien aimé le jeu, je sais ce que je sais de pas avoir pu le finir, je pense que vous avez peut-être passé trop de temps sur les assets et avez délaissé le côté fonctionnel du jeu qui, je pense, est le plus important.

Si le jeu est amélioré à l'avenir je serais ravi de pouvoir y jouer, ça vend du rêve, vraiment!

You're welcome ^^

My bad I didn't read the readme ahah

But if the game is pushed further, I like the general idea, you can make a good thing!

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Hello! In tried the demo of your game, the whole surviving on floating islands thing kinda sold me!

First, the graphics are not great, without even having to change your assets you could tweak the materials and the graphic settings to make it ways better, having casted shadows, ambient occlusion, bloom, more light reactive materials, etc...

Secondly, I didn't find how to craft stuff, maybe I'm dumb though ^^

When you lose health, there is 0 feedback, nothing telling me I lose health except the bar

I couldn't figure out how the jump / jetpack was working, sometimes pressing space was doing something, sometimes not

The bees have a really simple and not very interesting behaviour, I think they stop following me after a while but I'm not sure

Globally the controls are very rigid and the game lacks a lot of juice ^^; You probably thought of a lot of the aspects I mentioned, I know this is just a demo, but I'm giving advice on how to make it better!

Congrats to have that, and good luck for the next ^^

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Vous pouvez vraiment être fiers, ce jeu est quasiment vendable en l'état! Tout est propre, pas de bugs, le jeu est beau, les menus pros, les mécaniques intelligentes et rentrent bien dans la direction artistique, les contrôles répondent bien, y'a un système de sauvegarde, un mode speedrun (J'ai fait ce score en speedrun), ça tourne bien, les inputs sont configurables, tout est ergonomique ! La seule chose qu'il y aurait à retravailler ce sont les animations des cutscenes peut-être, elles sont pas incroyables, mais pour un petit jeu de plateformes coop, quelques niveaux en plus et ça part sur Steam!

Félicitations! Sortir ça en si peu de temps c'est impressionnant

I’m impressed how polished your games always are, so neat and juicy, great shader work, no errors or misplaced texture, great, really. I love this one, and it’s long and hard, many levels, not often for a jam game, congrats! You really nailed an original take on the loop concept, the enemies and the level are stuck in a loop, brilliant! It looks super good, feels good to play, has great audio that fits it perfectly, just stop being so good!

Very creative puzzle mechanics, you really pulled a nice use of the theme, congrats! I took me a few minutes to realize I had 2 hands so I could carry 2 cubes, maybe an indications of that could be a good idea (Or maybe I missed it lol) I had a good time, enjoyed it and how I needed to think to solve the puzzles! I like the art direction, I can see the assets were made quickly or by not very experienced people but it does the job for a jam. (It reminds me of Star Wars Imperial ships interiors) though the lighting is a little poor, not very clean rendering. Audio is good, and the music is great and didn’t feel too repetitive, nice job!

Though I found it frustrating not to be able to look up and down, weird choice, also a high Field of view could have been handy or an option to change it, and a slightly higher jump along a sprint key, but that’s maybe just my preferences, in terms of ergonomic navigation in your 3d space.

Holly molly that’s top notch entry right here! I really enjoyed it a lot, I even replayed it to try to beat it on first run (I failed), I think it has quite the replay value! The graphics are incredible for a game jam, you know what you’re doing, clearly, and I love how juicy it is, very pleasant to play, great audio and visual effects, signs and feedbacks. The loop theme interpretation is not the most original but it’s really well executed and the mechanics go very well with it, plus it’s super quick so I don’t have any time to get bored !

You have my big congrat’s, this is a really good really polished game!

J'ai beaucoup aimé ! La musique est super, c'est propre, bien zen, j'adore le feeling, j'étais un peu triste que y'ai si peu de niveaux ^^ Devoir jouer en rythme sur les jolies mélodies j'aime beaucoup

There is now an AI to fight in single player if you are still interested!