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That's pretty awesome, thanks !

Il est excellent :o
Avec de la narration et tout, et le game feel est vraiment super, j'adore les mécaniques de plateformer, carrément mon type de jeu, même si je trouve qu'on se rend pas compte de sa vitesse de manière globale et que les points d'ancrage sont un peu durs à attraper.

J'adore, gros GG pour ce projet de fin d'année !

Yup there's an option for it right before you start the game ;)

I'm not sure but I think you can switch from QWERTY to AZERTY by pressing Shift + Alt, that's like this on most keyboards at least
And you can also change the inputs in the Unity launcher

I'm very glad you want to play it that much :o

I'll update it then ;)

Because WASD is only for US, this game was made by a French teal and we hadn't enought production time to let users change it ^^;

You're right !

Didn't manage to go far but it has a storng ambiance and a very nice look ! I got a crash though so I'll send the crash report ^^

Hey ! We're super glad you played it and even made a video about it, thank you !

We made it during our first year of game design studies ^^ We tried to make it as good as we could but it holds many bugs, it's a fraction of what it should be supposed to be finished, just a demo ^^

Wow hey !

I am one of the creators of this game and we're super glad you tested it in a so long video !
We're very proud of our project, thank you very much ^^

And yes there are many bugs, it's a student project, we had to create a prototype, we worked hard on it during 2 months, during our first year of game design ^^ It's totally not finished x)

But it was our intention to bring many mysteries and make the player mad so I think we succeeded xD

Oh I didn't know it could be an issue, but I uploaded a .zip now !
Thanks for wanting to try my game !

It's an amazing experience, really, well done, love how mindfuck it is !