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174 years, damn, that was a fun game, very well done !

Very nice little puzzle game with a lot of content that works really well, I liked the concept!

Hey man, this game is really awesome, I wish there were more people to play with online!

Thank you very much!

Really cool concept, I quite liked it, congrats!

Thank you very much!

I have plans to add a few things but hadn't time to improve it yet ><

Supercute game congrats!

Ahah this is french xD Thank you!

This is extremely polished, juicy and fun for a jam gam wow, beautiful art, loved the grass, textures, trees, flowers, you really master your craft! The combat is hard but as long as the guardian doesn't spam the projectiles it's easy to spam dash & attack to destroy its health bar

C'est vraiment excellent comme concept et plutôt bien réalisé, super les deux caméras et l'IA qui s'adapte en fonction de ce qu'on fait !

Very nicely done, cleverly scoped, polished, I liked the design and ambiance, it's a solid experience! The narrative is very well done

L'ambiance et les visuels sont très réussis! J'aime bien l'idée et c'est plutôt bien exécuté, mais je trouve que le format vertical de l'écran ne permet pas de s'en servir au mieux, vu que c'est assez serré au final ça passe en bourrinant on fini par se retrouver dans le courant ascendant ^^
Bien joué !

Yeah when I say that jump didn't work I meant that even in normal state it was not working very reliably ^^; It was very often straight up ignoring my inputs

Pretty nice game, I liked the elements mixing mechanic even if I didn't quite understand it. However the jump control doesn't work properly which was very frustrating.

Nice little game!

I like parkour games, this one looks good, with a nice mechanic, however, I think the character is ways too frustrating to control, it feels so heavy with too smooth movements, more air control would be welcome. I often feel like I don't quite control my character. Also sometimes the character stops the wall run for no reason I don't quite understand how that works.
I would also say the transition between the worlds needs a little visual and sound effect, it's very rough like this even if the second world looks nice in itself.

Also, why use two mouse buttons? You could map the swap to the left click because currently it's very frustrating to remember to hit the right mouse button to come back to the main world, I often click the wrong one, having just one button would be far easier.
Also, it's a little annoying how the music restarts after you die, I'm pretty sure it's easy to prevent this.

I did 201.08
With a few tweaks, this could easily be a good game!

Thanks for your feedback! We're trying to improve step by step the combat system, I think it's more interesting against an actual player rather than an AI, especially since he haven't integrated a good AI yet ^^

Thank you !

Yeah I'll work on it, I apologize for the confusion :) It was more to test the 2D controls and art direction here
Thanks for playing despite that <3

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Thank you very much! I apologize there isn't much to do for now, I'll add stuff in the future ^^

Thank you very much!
I have plans for adding stuff of course this was just a very polished prototype to get the hang of game's ambiance :)

Thanks for playing!
There's more to be added, you've seen everything there is for now ^^;

<3 <3 <3
I can thank a certain team for the design of the character v.v

Thank you very much!

Explore your cute neighborhood and try to unravel all of its secrets...

A little cute very short exploration game I made on my free time, I tried to experiment with art style and animation as well as overall programming and 2D character controller, I succeeded everywhere!
It's quick and runs everywhere, try it if you'd like!

Very cool, nicely done, pretty polished, and we cutscenes please!

Très cool, bien joué d'avoir fait un jeu de rythme, ça marche bien et c'est assez propre!

Vraiment incroyable, super mécanique pour rendre ce type de gameplay arcade intéressant, avec une DA et un niveau de polish rares en jam

Vraiment incroyable, super mécanique pour rendre ce type de gameplay arcade intéressant, avec une DA et un niveau de polish rares en jam

Vague 6, c'est si contre-intuitif de tirer à l'opposer de là où on vise !

Alright thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Do you mean you'd rather have a control scheme like JKL for player 1 attacks?

ça marche bien et c'est très joli, bravo à vous !

I haven't spent 16h into the game though lol

Yoo I've beat the game!

This game is great! It's really hard though wow

That's really cool!

J'ai eu un bébé !
Très sympa petit jeu, très propre et polish, intéressantes mécaniques de puzzle et super musique ^^

Thank you!

Neat little Tetris game !

That is surprising, ZQSD is really the only control scheme we use around here and I really thought it was the case for all europeans! Doesn't prevent us to adapt and use WASD though ^^