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I really like this game. Actually, I really like your work in general.

The narrative is short yet very creative and it is explored very nicely through the game's art. The narrative, the sprites, the music, the UI. Everything matches and complements each other.

It is also really impressive how all your work shares this dark magic aesthetic, starting by the very name of your profile.

Your work is very stylish and full of personality. This is getting too long. I'm your fan, that's all.

If you credit me, sure.

Uau eu nem conheço esse tal de Felipe aí mas o cara é muito bom.

Também não conheço essa tal de "UNIVALI" mas ela com certeza deveria dar 10 ou A+ ou sla qual o sistema de nota do país desses indivíduos que eu não tenho contato nenhum.

Best game ever

It's nice to see someone enjoyed the movement and aiming mechanics! 

I personally thought it to be the main charm of the game but most people I spoke to said it is too weird to control.

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Thanks for the comment! And yeah, C.B.B.B.B. is also my favorite of the three weapons. Naming them was fun.

The Angry sun is a bullet hell game with mechanics based on the planet rotation. I made it in 72 hours for MiniJam 113 but I was too late to submit it there. Still I think the game turned out really cool and I'm considering working more on it. 

But since I can't post it on the Mini Jam I'm looking for some players to give it some love and maybe share some opinions about it.


I was going to post a long text here about my opinion on the game but I DMed you on twitter instead.

Taking reference from Stardew Valley color pallet saved me a lot of time chosing colors.

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Thanks for the feedback! And it was not a glitch, unfortunately I didn't have time to put any audio in it. And yeah, the game needs more balance. The orange fish was supposed to be rarer. It was also meant to look like a golden fish but I drew it in one go and ended up looking plain orange.

Apparently the game is easier if you behave like an actual light house

caraca cara, valeu

Quero sim mano, compartilha ae

sim cara, quero conhecer ele

O cara que fez as pichações do hooklight é mt bom

Sim manoooo, mt boooom

realmente, eu também adorei as artes, boas demais.

Melhor jogo de todos, até chorei, as pichações que estavam nas paredes eram particularmente incrivelmente boas, quem fez elas certamente é muito bom.

What would they be ?

Sure thing, it may take a few days tho cause i have plans for the weekend.

Sure, use as you please for whatever you want, i'd be happy to see it having any use.

mt bom

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mentira,a acabei de ver que ta dando erro por um detalhe bem bobo. Eu poderia atualizar o arquivo pra funcionar mas acho que não posso fazer isso agora

jogo muito bom, merece primeiro lugar