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While the game is severely lacking in polish, I can say you've made some interesting choices with combat.

In most RPG Maker games, the guard command is almost completely useless, but giving it a heal and a lasting defense buff gives it a role. This, and the lack of reliable sources of magic points to make long term use of the healing spell creates a dynamic in the combat system very rarely seen in beginner project.

I encourage you to continue developing, learning functions of the engine and implementing them into a fleshed out experience.

Any chance we can get a version in 48x48 for RPG Maker MV?

It looks like they're based on assets *from* MV.

The font is very difficult to read.

Can these be easily used in RPG Maker MV?

Any clothing and armor asset sets that fit well with this model?

Hello! Someone is planning to commission maps from me using your tilesets. I want to make sure that there are no stipulations about commissioning involved. For example, the terms of use for many tilesets available through steam stipulate that both the mapper and the developer own the rights to the tileset.

I don't want to have to pay so much monies for a 10 dollar commission. ^^

Is there a showcase of what the animations look like for the walk sprites? I want to know what they look like before I buy.

That's what I figured. I just wanted clarity. Thanks. ^^

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Doesn't that create an issue with the Reid character? I don't imagine his character design is included with the MV license. ^^

Another question I almost forgot to ask! The iconset that comes packaged in here seems identical to an iconset posted under a "free but not for commercial projects" license. I don't see a similar stipulation here, so I'm wondering why that isn't clarified.

Is the MZ license required to use these?

The rar only seems to contain characters and beds.

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I have a folder *called* extra assets in my DLC folder, but it has one subfolder containing music and other subfolder containing only the first 8 of those. Nevermind. I looked again and the others are also there. Either they got added back in during one of my occasional file integrity checks or I just misremembered.

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Only thing that's missing is faces and enemy statics. Statics in a similar enough style can probably be found, but the faces definitely need to match the given actors and NPC. Do you have any recommendations?

It seems I only have the first 8, and not the others, unless I'm not looking in the right places. Where did you find them?

You need to own RPG Maker MV and you can only use it in RPG Maker engines.

What about having effects such as a third type of evasion, or anything like that?

I see a lot of stuff for increasing, buffing and debuffing the params, but how do we add actual effects to the param? For the P types, how do we set the color of the guage?

It's really weird that supposedly healing all your wounds during the time skip doesn't restore your health.

Can it also check for what map it is?

Can you make it so that the same enemy is different levels depending on the region the player finds them in?

Do you have any intention of making your own tileset?

How well do these icons work with games largely using RTP tilesets for the maps?

A boss fight in the cave caused a soft lock after defeating it. It's in the westernmost part of the cave, with a blond man behind them. My party was standing between the goblin and a crate and was unable to move.

In the first fight, I used the catgirl's first ability, and it simply froze for a few minutes until telling me it failed to load.

Top tier physics simulation.

With no escape menu, there is no escape from the loud, often very intense music. I want to give this game a try, as the combat seems nice, but please let me turn the music off. Please.

I was not able to find the castle mentioned by the priest for awhile because the guards continue to tell you you're not holy enough even after you meet the requirements to go in. This sort of thing is very common in the town.

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For a first release, it's pretty alright.

The mapping is very competent, though the shadows are often strange. Some furniture could use adjusting to be pushed back against the wall.

The writing has a tendency toward exposition dumps, with too many namedrops too quickly. The scripted sequences are phenomenal by first game standards. However there was a weird part where Kanja is blatantly looking away while the fairy is talking to the white haired boy. It's odd.

The combat is very basic, only needing to spam the action key to do a basic attack. It could use more varied abilities. I believe animated sideview enemies can also make the front view enemies do a breathing animation, which helps the enemies feel more alive. I forgot this is MZ. I'm an idiot. lol

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I did equip the sword and shards and such. The fight was still too difficult.

Nevermind, I was just bad at the game. lol

First fight is way too difficult for how early it is.