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That was cool! It would be cool if the title screen letters were clickable too lol

Wow. its very polished. it has really nice mood/atmosphere. I would have liked to be able to re-read the instructions I forgot the controls

Cute aesthetic and fun, interesting mechanics. Starting from the beginning is a bit harsh especially since it can be slow to get back to where you died.

Cool! I like the music syncing and the in-game menu is super cool! Tighter controls might be better for a platformer and more textures on platforms might help players see the ground

Wow, beautiful UI. The art and audio is also great! I got stuck where the two jellies are though

I got stuck but I like the atmosphere. Pretty spooky for a game where you play as cheese lol

release the director's cut! lol

Great for a first game! Everything does feel a bit slippery and the player controls can be improved. Platformer controllers are surprisingly complex and there's a lot you can learn if you're interested :)

looks like the project wasn't built. You should look into that. Great music

I like how you were able to take the storm idea and turn it into the main mechanic :) most people wont see the instructions btw

Theres alot of great things about this game but it could use some gamefeel improvements. maybe zoom out the camera more to allow more reaction time. I also couldn't get to the second level. And easy mode is waaay to hard. Thats really common in game jam games though. I love the dynamic music btw :)

Thanks, I don't know how to do that without spoiling the ending though? I see the importance of that but i wonder if theres a way to have a warning without sacrificing the story. The game is at least tagged as dark and horror

Thanks! :)

Thanks :)

thanks, I'm glad you took the time to check the note :)

thanks :)

awesome game. i knew i could shoot but i totally forgot which wasted alot of time. force the player to shoot more (like wall of spikes you cant move around)

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great idea. it probably the most "practical" game ive seen like something i might play outside of playing games for the jam. an UNDO button would be the most perfect mechanic for this style of game. maybe just make it the z key. maybe a skip block button too? that might be too much

I made a proof of concept similar to this before. instead of moving the whole perspective you move the cursor (its not a game but you might find it interesting)

also how did you get the 360 to be seamless? (i used 4 cameras lol)

Since the 360 is already confusing for most people, maybe the guns being to the side is too confusing? also not sure what to do when youre left with the blue guys. also having infinite range is probably too strong