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Ooooh, okay! Thank you! I added the game on my wishlist on Steam, btw :D

"Type your fears"

anyways nice game i guess. the ending was unrealistic for me but nice try

I loved the story so much and the gameplay is a lot of fun but the game lags for me and also I remember at some point it said I can change the difficulty but I didn't find the option... I barely passed the last level to see where the story went!

I need to know the backstory make a sequel aa

I don't understand how to do anything. A simple tutorial at the start would help a lot.

The music is so nice, the sound effects, the variety, the story. I love EVERYTHING about this game. The only thing I would change is that when you upgrade the stone circle, the darkness stops spreading but you have to level it up again to make the darkness go back slowly and then faster. And THEN you win the game. Other than that, 10/10 little game :D

I don't know the song but it sounds nice :)

Same it's too difficult. If you want your game to be super challenging that's fine but imo you should put difficulty options. It just makes no sense to me that I can't even choose where to move the soldiers while the buildings are being built


This was really sweet but I'm confused why it says in the description that I should have sound on? I didn't hear a single sound.


I don't get it, his independence was at max but I still got the ending where he is dependant on me?

I couldn't do it the music and aesthetic is too spooky lol

I'm sorry but I didn't like it.

I have a private journal. I've written "I'm not ok" on it so many times I literally spam it. Felt funny to do it in a game as well.

This was hard to do even in a videogame. Imagine in real life. I can't do that.

That was funny lol

No way this is amazing lmao

This was fun and then it was so weird when I was playing and I thought "Ugh this character is too slow" and I was like "Wait I can just change that right now" lol it was so weird how I was limiting myself and making myself mad hahaha

This is amazing. Good job!

not what i expected but it's cool


Well ...... it's definitely chaotic. But there's not really a goal. I know you get to the nuke and that ends the game but like, there's no challenge, so idk if I would call this a "game"

Maybe it would be more interesting if the people also started doing chaotic things

Gave me nostalgia tho lol


Honestly the best game I've played in this jam yet. I'm crying of laughing X,D

I literally scream so much while playing this trying to dodge the cars with blurry vision because I also have the phone right there blocking my view it's so difficult but to much fun XD I also got to a point in the music where there's a bit of megalovania👀

My best score was 2 minutes lmao

This was cool to play but I think it could have fit the theme more if enemies could spawn in any location at random, maybe showing a short animation first to let the player know where they're going to spawn and make it fair. Also it was too short... But yeah! It was nice.

Might be too easy, I got to 100 coins without loosing a single HP

The fact that you can play this with only one hand is interesting. It confuses me, but it's also what makes this a challenge I think

It was OK, but I don't see much  chaos here though.

I love this hahaha

The drawings look funny. I also LOVE the sound effects. It would need some music, though.

The movement felt responsive and smooth, which is great. And when the grappling hook worked, it was a lot of fun to swing around and catapult yourself to places. But I had to restart the game like 3 times because I somehow kept locking my character on the air. Like, I shot the grapling hook and after I release the button, it dissapeared visually but it was still there, so I couldn't move.


It's funny how the character doesn't care if it's looking forward or not lol

It was a bit confusing, though. Sometimes I can wall-jump and other times I don't, and I can't figure out why.

Also I can't continue right here? There's like, an invisible wall

Thank you for playing and for leaving such a positive feedback!

The presents you can throw them outside to be ran over by a car XD

"Don't play this it's bad" well I was gonna say "I'm going to play it anyway" but I can't because you uploaded only the EXE file but you have to upload the whole build folder for it to work :(

Oh, I was a dog the whole time!?!?! Now everything makes much more sense XD

This was very interesting! I kept getting the letters thing right by mistake lmao

I really love the art too

Got to wave 14. Honestly was more fun than I thought it was gonna be. I think the trick is to stay calm and move as little as possible, trying to stay always as close to the center as possible. Stay chill amongst all the chaos... feels like a life lesson lol

The reason I died is because I was taking a screenshot each time and I didn't have time to react when a tack came right at me from above hahaha

This is gonna sound silly, but...

Is it possible to destroy the sun? XD

Well I liked this game because the enemies look cute c:

I was really enjoying this one. It's super simple, but that's what makes it good for me. I'm just sad it gets too difficult because it's impossible to react in time to dodge thunder so that's what always kills me. But it was very epic how it became darker and more chaotic with time. I also find it hilarious the name of the protagonist/game and the models lol.

Yes it's true! There are so many things we wanted to add but didn't have time to do it, one of those being more platforms.

Thank you for playing!

That is A LOT of detail and effort you have put into this game! It is a little bit too fast-paced for me... I can't beat it. But it certainly fits the theme because there's so many things going on haha

The lore is very funny also. I liked it!

For the longest time, I thought shooting wasn't an option and I only killed enemies by throwing my weapon at them lmao

It was fun. I think it would be better if you could see more ahead of you instead of the camera lagging behind you, and maybe an animation when you die because it's so abrupt?

HA! I did it! I solved the case!

Now I can finally nap and eat some cheese hahaha

This game was short but a lot of fun. The drawings are so nice and the way she WALKS so much SWAG XD (also the naruto run hahaha)

The change from talking to inspecting each room was very clever, I loved the gameplay mechanics and each character was interesting. I would definitely play more games like this one.

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I can't believe how enjoyable this is. Who would have thought that unleashing chaos could be such a chill experience. I needed this after these last few hours trying to finish my game, was feeling stressed but now I feel much better lol thank you !!

Also that ending lmao it was so funny and when I finished I clicked exit immediately by mistake and it made me laugh even more XD

I don't know where I have to go, the screen keeps rotating and I didn't even realize I could reload my weapon until I was killed, so ... it definitely fits the theme xD

No but for real, it was fun :D