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yes, of course my discord is:


Hey! Can we talk?

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We need an artist! 

If you like Pixel Art or you want to challenge yourself with it maybe you will love to work with us!

You will: 

 - Help us with the graphics concept and guide us in all related to graphics
 - Create Sprites
 - Create Tilesets
 - Have lots of fun with us. Creating and playing your own game.

As an artist, you have to  make good sprites and tilesets, love video games and have a great predisposition to learn what you need along the way.

You have to know how to use a design tool, we don't care which one. (You don't have to be a expert, just the basics).

Some experience in the creation of game graphics would be appreciated, but it is not a requirement.

We will always support you and make the decisions together, so that this is a great first successful project for all.

We need a least 2 hours of your time  per week. (of  course if you have more time it would be better!


We plain to publish the game on Steam and distribute the profits we achieve with sales between the members of the team.

A litle bit about the project:

We want to create a game that makes the player live between two new worlds of roles, adventures and action… 

We want to make zelda-likes graphics but with a little bit of your own style !

We describe this game like...:

"The player will live between two new worlds of roles, adventures and action… one with random dungeons and another one with a calm environment.

The player will choose two roles, among several available, the combination of those roles will define his skills, strengths and weaknesses within the game.

The Calm World, where the player must collect resources, create or steal their weapons, potions, food and equipment until you are prepared to cross to the Dungeons World.

The Dungeons world, where you can descend infinitely and each level of the dungeon is more difficult than the previous one, apart from being generated randomly, it is an unique and unrepeatable experience".

Long Term

This is just one of the projects that we have in mind! We want to keep the team working on more and more games, until we could became a part of the industry!


The world will be set in the Middle Ages without being technically exact or limited by it. It will be a 2D world with a top-down camera, in the style of “Minish Cap” but with a creepy world just like Dark Souls…

About us:

We are a musician, a publicist, and  two programmers that want to make a game and publish it on the market. We will create all the code for the game and define, with you, the gameplay experience that we need to have in this game. We already start working on a simple demo to test the idea.

The game would be developed with the idea of publish it on and/or Steam.

We have some experience in creating games for marketing purposes, but this is our first project on our own and not for a specific client.
We need an Artist that help us to build this idea!

Contact us:

Discord: kailcor#5683 (faster answer) 

I agree! he has a really good style! I've already read both chapters! 

I love it! Really good, I like your drawing style. I've been waiting for the 3Ch!