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I promise it changes dramatically after , it is only 30-45 minutes long even shorter if you read fast.

But the choice is yours thank you for downloading!

Glad you enjoyed it :D

2 more endings I hope you get the good one eventually!, I am glad you liked it :D

I will try to get things together for you text wise, I am not the most motivated person XD. I will get a hold of you again as soon as I can.

I do not have a problem with that, Tho I am not sure what you need for translation, I know I can add different language selections, because I planned on that, just never gotten around to getting it translated.  I am a paranoid person when it comes to handing out information, so please tell me what you are looking for and I will do my best.

What was your favorite part?

Thank you for your info, I am not a writer, I wrote this and I have horrific grammar, I keep making changes to spellings and so forth and I will re read through and try to fix the issues mentioned. The base of the entire story was written in one huge overnight binge. then I spent the rest of the time trying to fix all the errors.

But from reading your post, you seem to completely get that, choices are not always fair, that people make bad choices in general, and that one choice may not seem right but you never know how a choice could affect the outcome. I put a lot more unmentioned things in the story that no one has quite put together as of yet.

Thank you again for playing the game!

New update With several fixes, check the main page!

Currently the game has almost a 25% download rate 1 in 4 people download!, which is exciting, tho no one else has posted their experiences yet. Android version is almost finished, Some issues with phones vs tablets is delaying it.

4th ending just waiting on one final piece, as well as Android mac and linux versions should be available soon!

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If One Thing Changed

This is a short game(30-40 min) that is set in a realistic linear existence, creating a world of feelings without using any images places names or other wise, it uses only text and sounds to set the mood.

I am really wanting more people to play this and achieve all 3 endings currently available! to fully experience the game you would want to get the good and bad ending.

There is also 1 more ending being created and should be in the next update.

This game may contain situations that make you uncomfortable or hit close to home. So readers be warned.