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If One Thing Changed

A topic by kahmehkahzeh created May 01, 2017 Views: 348 Replies: 3
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If One Thing Changed

This is a short game(30-40 min) that is set in a realistic linear existence, creating a world of feelings without using any images places names or other wise, it uses only text and sounds to set the mood.

I am really wanting more people to play this and achieve all 3 endings currently available! to fully experience the game you would want to get the good and bad ending.

There is also 1 more ending being created and should be in the next update.

This game may contain situations that make you uncomfortable or hit close to home. So readers be warned.

4th ending just waiting on one final piece, as well as Android mac and linux versions should be available soon!

Currently the game has almost a 25% download rate 1 in 4 people download!, which is exciting, tho no one else has posted their experiences yet. Android version is almost finished, Some issues with phones vs tablets is delaying it.

New update With several fixes, check the main page!