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This would be a cool mobile game!
Concepts cool, sound effects are great, graphics are pleeeeeeeeeeeeeasing (ascetically).

One thing would be, and this might just me being dumb, but I didn't understand what dividing points into equal groups meant straight away, I was trying to split them in half! Obviously this isn't a big problem for a jam game, but if it was a mobile game I'd include the longer instructions from the description on the game page in the game, and maybe a little animation showing an example.
Not really much else to criticize, fun game! :)

I hope you get the collision working Whitters! Great devlog as always mate, looking forward to seeing your roadmap in the next devlog. 

Really hard, as advertised! :D

The music and art was great and the grapple mechanic was pretty fun. 

I feel like most of the difficulty for me comes from the fact Froggo can't stop in midair, which makes precise jumps hard (I dunno if that's intentional or not). It also  seems strange that you keep jumping if you hold down space which lead to me accidently jumping a lot, where most platformers you need to press space to jump.

Other than those very minor nitpicks it was alot of fun. Great to see more pygame games on itch.

I look forward to see your progress on Project Froggy!

Thank you for the feedback!

Yeah I seem to have a problem making my games way too hard, or having a sharp learning curve, since I replay it so much I tend think the game is really easy (which isn't true obviously!). I should bug my friends to playtest more.

I'm happy you enjoy my mouse art! :)

Wow this is awesome, especially for 48 hours! 

Love the all the screen effects, especially how it looks, curved, it adds a lot to how good the game looks (especially when combined with the already great pixel art). 

The game is pretty frantic and fun, though my one criticism would be that it seems a little barebones, with not too much strategy involved. Though obviously it's a game jam and you've go to keep your scope small so it's just a minor nitpick.

Great job! :D

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We don’t have one, but that’s a cool idea for future jams! We've mainly been talking over Instagram.

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Cool game bro! 

I like the UI alot and the drawings of the vampire guy.

My main criticism would be the spike tiles do not match there hitboxes, which can lead to some deaths feeling unfair, as well as having to click with the mouse to restart instead of pressing space or another button on the keyboard (a minor nitpick!).

Other then that the game is great! Also you get extra credit for finishing early.

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Yeah I am, my friends (and cough cough me) were gonna miss the deadline so I've extended it by a week again, because of school being unpredictable and people getting sick. 

Didn't realise other people were actually taking part, cool to see someone is actively working a game! I look forward to see what you make! :)

(And sorry for the inconvenience of the deadline being mucked around with. You'll get extra clout by finishing by today.)

So as you can see from the description, this game jam was mainly an excuse for me and my friends to make a game. Some people want to extend the deadline till next week to finish their game, and since it's a really small jam anyway and it isn't really a big deal, I may as well extend it.
I'm still gonna aim for this Sunday though! :D  So feel free to shoot for the original deadline if you want, for the grand old prize of bragging rights!

Really fun game! :D
Feels really fun to control, and switching between the two states felt really satisfying. My one complaint is that sometimes the turtle outside of the shell felt a little slippery. 

Thanks for playing my game! :D
This really made my day, looking forward to watching the whole thing!

Thanks man! :D
(There is a secret in the sound folder if you are having trouble with any enemies).

Cool game! :D

The visuals look awesome, and the game has a pretty fun and addictive gameplay loop.
I think power-ups should spawn  a bit more frequently, because I traveled to the end of the world without finding one, which was a bit confusing.

Super creative concept that was well executed!
Great game!

Pretty fun game! Cool particle effects and music, all the different glitches such as the glitched AI in the enemies were super cool and creative, and the dash was fun to use.

My one gripe would be the fact that the player character is really hard to control for me, and I had trouble dashing into enemies and pickups. Also the dash sound seemed a bit unfitting.

Glad you liked the intro, I thought it was a funny way to get the game to fit the theme. More feedback would improve the game I agree, particle effects or something would look cool.

Thanks for the feedback!

Really fun puzzle game! :D
The graphics and sound effects also looked great. Love how you have some levels that show the mechanics so you can get used to them before adding them to more complex puzzles.

Awesome, I'll check the game out.

Really good entry! :D
The platforming mechanic was ingenious and the glitch effects looked super awesome. One of the best games in the jam!

Really loved this game, probably my favourite I've played in the jam so far! :D

The gameplay was super satisfying and frantic, the difficulty is perfect, and all the errors made for a super interesting battle. I don't know if you intended for this but it really reminded of the Omega Flowey fight in Undertale, which is awesome.

Awesome game!

Really creative use of the topic! :D
I loved the moment the game first glitched out, the screen transitions were great! Some puzzles did feel a bit like trial and error, which felt frustrating at first. Backgrounds would have been good as well, although it's understandable that you have to cut stuff for game jams.

Really creative use of the topic! :D
I loved the moment the game first glitched out, the screen transitions were great! Some puzzles did feel a bit like trial and error, which felt frustrating at first. Backgrounds would have been good as well, although it's understandable that you have to cut stuff for game jams.

Really creative use of the topic! :D
I loved the moment the game first glitched out, the screen transitions were great! Some puzzles did feel a bit like trial and error, which felt frustrating at first. Backgrounds would have been good as well, although it's understandable that you have to cut stuff for game jams.

Good to see a fellow pico-8 fan. I'll check out and rate your game, looks really cool from what I've seen so far. :)

Really fun puzzle game, reminded me of old flash games I used to play which is nostalgic! :D
The colour scheme and music were great and the puzzles were really fun and creative (especially the final one).
My one main criticism is that it was annoying how far the blocks slid on some levels, though it could be argued that that is part of the challenge. 

I agree that bumping into enemies just after it ran out was frustrating.

Thanks for your feedback :D

Really interesting mechanic, makes good use of the theme! :) The platforming was fun, and it was enjoyable to see the different effects of the glitched mode. Sound effects would be good, but it's understandable if you didn't have enough time to add it in. You should also but the two files in a zip file, I was confused at first that I had to download two things at first

Overall a really creative and enjoyable game! :D

I'm planning to, I'm going to bed now but I'll check it out tomorrow

I thought the left indicator showed that the left platform was disappearing, and vice versa.

That makes a lot more sense. I'm probably gonna try it on a higher difficulty now that I know! :)
I have to get my brothers to play my games to make sure they make sense, because otherwise I would make them way too hard since I'm great at my own games. 

Sadly the program I used to make the game (pico-8) doesn't allow you to change the buttons, which really sucks.  I'll try and find a work around for my next project so you can use WASD along with the arrow keys.

Thanks for the feedback :D 

Awesome game!

The mechanic was really creative, and the way the mechanic was expanded on throughout the levels was super fun. 

Yeah, maybe having the player blink when they are about the run out of the poop power up would have been better.

Thanks for your feedback! :)

Really fun game!
Great to see a first person shooter, I haven't played many of them from game jams.

I found the Intern level boss really tricky, because I hard time knowing what to look out for in Bugbot's antennas. However, I am significantly worse than average than most people at first person shooters so it could just be my skill level.

Overall though it was super fun to play, and defeating the BugBot was really satisfying. :) 

Awesome! :)

Thanks so much for the feedback! :D

The difficulty probably did rely too much  randomness, since the enemies shoot in random directions. This does feel pretty unfair regarding the walls of bullets, with the best tactic a lot of the time being waiting until the enemies stop randomly shooting in the direction you need to go., which is pretty boring. I'll make sure the difficulty in my future games is more fair and doesn't lead to boring strategies.

I knew that the diagonal movement felt faster but didn't know how to fix it, thanks for the tip! Definitely gonna do some research into vectors since I know basically nothing. Maybe I could pass it off as an advanced movement option (it would fit the theme of intentional bugs), lol. 

 The restarting the game thing was due to me running out of time, I'll probably make a post-jam update so it doesn't play that cutscene every time you restart.

Sadly, the program I used to make the game (pico-8) doesn't allow you to change the input types, which really sucks.  I'll try to find a workaround because I agree that the lack of options makes it harder to play for a lot of players.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, I really appreciate it! :)

Hello! I'm Kade, I've been doing game dev for about 1 year, since I was 14, and this is my first ever game jam! :D

I had a lot of fun making a game in a short amount of time, though it was pretty stressful to learn a new program and programming language (pico-8) at the same time as making a game quickly. It took me a while to get the core mechanics in place, but once I did (on the third and final day) it was a blast to add finishing touches such as cutscenes and the map changing colour as your score goes up. I also had a lot more fun than expected creating sound effects, the little chiptune jingles really bought the game to life.

This game jam was a great excuse to try out a new program and expand my programming skills, which I really enjoyed. One of the funnest parts was coming up with a weird wacky little story that fit the theme, as well as coming up with the dung mechanic to make the game more unique than a standard bullet hell.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity, your channel looks super cool, a hidden gem for sure! :) Love the rise in game dev channels as of late, great to listen to while I work on my own games. 

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Sure! Mines called Intentional Dung Beetle, it's on my page right now! :)

Really fun game! :D 

Love the graphics and the card mechanics,  which work surprisingly well when mixed with a platformer!
My one suggestion would be to add bosses, which I imagine would be really fun the the card-based combat system.

Really fun metriodvania!

I enjoyed getting all the collectibles and finding the hidden bosses, there was a surprising amount of endgame content. My one nitpick is that some of the rooms had me walking straight into enemies as I soon entered them, which felt a bit unfair. Other then that it was enjoyable throughout!
Well done to the developer! :)