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I think I'm going to remember feed dog scampering away into the wild lands of human imagination for a very long time, thank you, this was a beautiful game

beautiful and absolutely heartwrenching. I connected a lot with this game and my experience in a pandemic stricken US , quarantining in my own house for almost a year when every day feels the same. I played this game for a lot longer than 3-5 hours, the writing is wonderful, giving hints about the larger world outside the boundaries of the game and the character's roles in that world, everyone feels simultaneously like an RPG archetype and an actual person. The battle system uses a simplified "types/weaknesses" system based on rock/paper/scissors with some other well balanced and handy strategy moves. I bought this game because I loved the story premise, despite disliking most battle systems in rpgs, but actually wound up having a lot of fun with this battle system.

I really hope the creator plans to do more with this premise, I fell in love with the characters and would be thrilled to see more.

(PS fighter is my favorite, HE'S JUST... HE'S JUST SO NICE 馃ズ馃槶馃挄)

ahhh dang, okay! that makes sense then

ahhh okay! I was wondering, that was just the only he/him instance I noticed

also found an out of bounds area! when exiting the poetry room with the poem about oranges, if you press the down arrow key DIRECTLY after exiting while you're still on the door tile, you can go past the walls and walk left and right a little bit outside them.

(sorry for all the bug reports at once, I'm on a bug hunting roll today haha)

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a couple places in 1.1 that look like text from characters is appearing and disappearing almost instantly. these are ONLY when text speed is set to "instant", on text speed 10 everything works normally

the first tear barrier, when approaching it and selecting "Yes" to take a nap, fighter says "sif?" and there's a text flash right afterwards

when first approaching the first tear barrier and the scene where siffrin catches the fighter, the fighter hops and says something but it's a text flash. (THIS IS CONNECTED to the fighter being a long way behind the party, on instant text speed he lags behind, on 10 text speed he runs up as normal)

Right after siffrin catches him there's another text flash, I think from the house maiden this time

when entering the storage room, there's a text flash from the maiden

when looking at the bakery ad in the storage room and selecting "tired", there are one or two text flashes right after the fighter makes the yeast pun

right after the line "you feel your heart being tugged" there's another text flash

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version 1.1, when encountering the first enemy, some of the text from the researcher uses "his" pronouns for siffrin (it's the line about their smirk if that helps find it)

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version 1.1, I'm not sure if this is intentional but in the hallway with two tear barriers, the party stops one space away from the tears to have a conversation about them. this happens with both barriers. I assume it's not intentional b/c the first tear barrier let you stand right next to it?

oh! I was holding down space to skip text during this scene, I did a few more loops and pressed the space bar and read the text normally and everyone was level this time except the fighter, who was still quite a ways behind everyone else. 

on version 1.1's first loop, when examining the first tears barrier and siffrin catches the fighter, he actually appears about ten steps behind siffrin, the other two appear one step behind siffrin, I think I remember version 1.0 everyone was level with eachother?

I'm a trans man up at 3am after having a horrific few days feeling emotionally numb after US trans folk got our medical rights stripped away. Playing this game was cathartic and healing in a way I can't fully articulate. I related really heavily to Alex, shuffling back and forth every weekend to a shitty controlling abusive dad's house and getting extremely involved in fandom, especially gay m/m fanfic and crossplay (cosplaying as a man when I was a teenage """"girl""""). I never got an older trans man to tell me I wasn't a freak for wanting to be a boy like in my favorite fanfics. I never got the chance to stand up to my dad and have any of my words actually get through to him. Getting the chance to do both, even from the perspective of someone else, was so immensely healing.


Having Alex's profile pic in front of her face in the ending scene is a truly truly beautiful way to depict a trans person that's freshly cracked their egg and I think I'm going to remember it for a long long time. Thank you for this game.