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a couple places in 1.1 that look like text from characters is appearing and disappearing almost instantly. these are ONLY when text speed is set to "instant", on text speed 10 everything works normally

the first tear barrier, when approaching it and selecting "Yes" to take a nap, fighter says "sif?" and there's a text flash right afterwards

when first approaching the first tear barrier and the scene where siffrin catches the fighter, the fighter hops and says something but it's a text flash. (THIS IS CONNECTED to the fighter being a long way behind the party, on instant text speed he lags behind, on 10 text speed he runs up as normal)

Right after siffrin catches him there's another text flash, I think from the house maiden this time

when entering the storage room, there's a text flash from the maiden

when looking at the bakery ad in the storage room and selecting "tired", there are one or two text flashes right after the fighter makes the yeast pun

right after the line "you feel your heart being tugged" there's another text flash

Yeah those are all directly linked to the instant speed text since it's dialogue thats supposed to go on on its own! I cant remove the instant text option so i just would recommend not using it

ahhh dang, okay! that makes sense then