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oh i definitely LOVED it, the part of me who thinks the endlessly repeating dialogue is an integral part of the game is definitely bigger than the "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE USER EXPERIENCE" part!!! sometimes you gotta ignore the player and do what feels right, and having it repeat over and over is definitely one of those times :> maybe theres a way to have it repeat while still showing the player that theres nothing new after that, maybe from that point on the screen gets slowly darker every time you advance, until it's only a black screen, but you can still press x to advance... kinda like you seemed to have it for your iteration about the candle going out and you just walk through a dark map! something to think about hmmm 🤔 but again sometimes you gotta Do It For The Bit and have it repeat endlessly without anything changing hehe

first time i'm coming accross this project, i LOVE this iteration. i kept wondering if the text was repeating or not, but then i saw the very slight differences, until the thread broke, and then the music started getting all weird and sentences REALLY started repeating... i kept playing for 10 more minutes wondering if something new would happen, but of course it didn't. i'm half "WELL YOU SHOULD TELL ME IF THE GAME IS FINISHED INSTEAD OF REPEATING THE SAME THING" part "but the sentences repeating and the maze never ending is Part Of The Game... an integral part..." which is a fun place to be in hehe! excited to play any new iterations you decide to make, this is a fascinating concept <3

i really, really really enjoyed this. i just finished it and had to sit staring at the new title screen for a second. i dont have the words for this yet but this was wonderful. i wish there was a choice where i could tell the writer that i really enjoyed her stories, but telling her this would maybe go against her whole story and how she imagines it to be, wouldnt it? i guess i'll write that choice now:

>i really liked reading your stories, writer

>this made me feel a lot of things

>i hope you write more

>thank you for creating this!!!

this was wonderful. thank you for making this

This is sadly one of those bugs I have no idea how to fix! I'm so sorry about that, I'm still keeping an eye out so it can hopefully be fixed someday.

it is SO easy to use and the documentation makes an easy process even easier, 10/10 thank you so much for making this!!!!

!!!!! :D can't wait to reread it!!!

I would love for my game to be included!

a friend linked this devlog and ive never been sold on a game this quickly in my life. good luck with dev!!!!! cant wait to hear more!!!!!

hi! sorry about this! im not sure what causes this particular bug, but i'll keep an eye out!

Thank you for letting me know! I don't know what causes this particular bug, but I will keep an eye out!

I'M GLAD IT WORKS BETTER!!! thank you for letting me know!

What a lovely game!!!

Awesome, thank you so much!!!

WONDERFUL! Sounds like I picked the right time to get this plugin hehe :)

This is amazingly helpful, thank you so much! Is there perhaps a plugin command I can use to check what language is used? I have some images that need to be translated, and I was thinking having a way to put a conditional branch like "if [language 1] use this image, if [language 2] use this other one" would be incredibly helpful!

I have the latest windows version and I can open it fine, so I'm not sure what the problem is! I'll try and see if I can fix it but I can't promise anything :(

YOURE SUPPOSED TO SAVE THOSE AS .ICOS!??!?!??!?!?!?!?! thank you very much for this priceless information

Thank you for letting me know! I'm aware of the bug and should have a new version soon that might fix it

Oh weird??? I'll try and see what i can do, thank you for bringing it up to my attention!

Hi! I'm sorry to hear this is still happening, and I still don't know how to replicate it on my own so there's not really a way for me to fix it :^( Sorry about that!

Weird! Do you perhaps have an older computer? I think this happens on older pcs and as far as i know theres not a lot i can do to fix it... im looking for a fix though!

lmao yes if you saw the credits then that was the true ending!

Good to know... I'll see if i can make a switch to turn it off and make everything work correctly! Thank you for letting me know!

LMAO WEIRD the attack effects is part of a plugin, but ill tinker around a bit

wow, i have no idea... might have something to do with your computer's settings but i dont have the slightest idea on how to fix it!

OOPS yeah thats a mistake lol

Does your save load you before or after the anger dialogue? If it loads you after, it wont work as the error already happened. If you don't have an earlier save, then you'll have to start a new game, sorry!

Did you follow the instructions in the HOW TO file...? If yes then I'm so sorry I don't think I'll be able to fix it :'^(

I ACTUALLY JUST REALIZED IT DOESNT APPEAR ANYMORE it will be in the new version ill upload today or tomorrow!!!

I can't reproduce that bug on my end so idk how to fix it! I'm guessing it could be because of the battle scroll-- theres an option to turn it off in the options menu, maybe it could help?

I think I found the problem, I should have a new version that'll fix it sometime today or tomorrow!!!!

OOP! thank you for catching that~

Might be related to some other bugs- im looking into it!

Weird! If it happens again let me know!

Thanks for letting me know! I can't reproduce it on my own computer so it's a little tricky to fix but I'm working on it!

thank you so much, i'm so glad the game touched you so deeply...!!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕 this is a lovely thing to write you're so sweet :'^)

ooo interesting!!! ty for catching that ill def fix that for the next version hehe

Yeah those are all directly linked to the instant speed text since it's dialogue thats supposed to go on on its own! I cant remove the instant text option so i just would recommend not using it

siffrin's pronouns are he/they so not a typo :)