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I'm a trans man up at 3am after having a horrific few days feeling emotionally numb after US trans folk got our medical rights stripped away. Playing this game was cathartic and healing in a way I can't fully articulate. I related really heavily to Alex, shuffling back and forth every weekend to a shitty controlling abusive dad's house and getting extremely involved in fandom, especially gay m/m fanfic and crossplay (cosplaying as a man when I was a teenage """"girl""""). I never got an older trans man to tell me I wasn't a freak for wanting to be a boy like in my favorite fanfics. I never got the chance to stand up to my dad and have any of my words actually get through to him. Getting the chance to do both, even from the perspective of someone else, was so immensely healing.


Having Alex's profile pic in front of her face in the ending scene is a truly truly beautiful way to depict a trans person that's freshly cracked their egg and I think I'm going to remember it for a long long time. Thank you for this game.