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Tabii :)'a bir mail gönderirsen, daha kolay yardımcı olurum.

I want to use Sprytile's paint tool on pre-made meshes, but can't find a way to split faces into equal-sized grids. I'm aiming to achieve texture-stretch-size consistency in my models. Is there a way in Blender to do this?

Hello there!

Of course,  the pack is totally royalty free.

Yeah, I can imagine the technical difficulties. Sprytile is a fantastic work anyway!

Is it possible to paint tiles with alpha onto others, like a flyer tile on a wall tile? If not, do you consider adding something like that in the future?

Just updated the game to remove RTP requirement.

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Construct 3 Beta is ON. You can reach it at

See you at the jam!

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There is no designated theme in our jam, but Ludum Dare Theme Generator suggested me,

"Broken Physics"!

So you can use that as an inspiration if you will.

As far as I understand from blog posts, any PC that can run C2/Html5 games also can run Construct 3 itself.

I think the tool works in a WebGL canvas, so I doubt if there will be any performance fluctiations.

I couldn't comprehend the depth of playfields. I didn't understand which tile is high, and what's the actual height of wall, especially when they are vertical.