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Depth of Extinction

Create the ultimate squad and save humanity in this tactical RPG! · By HOF Studios

Tell us about your Experience playing DOE Sticky

A topic by HOF Studios created Oct 22, 2016 Views: 730 Replies: 42
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Having an issue with the Depth of Extinction Demo? Or maybe you have an idea for something we could add to the final game? Either way, we'd love to hear from you.

how many people are developing the game


We've got a relatively small team of 2 programmers and 2 artists at the moment.

what kind of programing language do you use


The game is made in Unity which uses C# as its scripting language.

do you accept volenteres to help with the game?

I couldn't comprehend the depth of playfields. I didn't understand which tile is high, and what's the actual height of wall, especially when they are vertical.


We've heard that a few times but are trying to keep it simple for the demo so height is not a factor at all. The only thing that changes shooting percentage is the type of cover (indicated by the icon on the floor) so I hope that helps.

I've liked the game so much. it's realy a good game but I would like if the player could change the soldier weapon by the time. I've started with 3 soldiers but I made them all gunners because at the start I didn't have many classes. and the weapons I was taking on missions were useless until I've a new recruit.


Thanks! To change a weapon you have to unlock a weapon class on a mission. So, if you unlock the Assault or Sniper class, then you can immediately equip that weapon to one of your troops.

Sorry if that is confusing. In the full game you will have access to most classes at the beginning and will have more options on changing and upgrading weapons.

Is this is correct, that if you have assigned a class and a weapon to a soldier, in the demo you can't change his profession or his weapon?
But in the final game you can do this?


We are still balancing this but it's currently looking quite a bit different in the full game. We consolidated the weapon classes and classes together and now allow you to assign up to 2 that can be leveled up like skills.The first class can be assigned on your first level up and the second can be added later. This system is still being developed but seems to be working well in our playtesting.

Skills can be learned either by leveling up stats or classes, so each character can access some of the same skills but still can be very unique.

I really enjoyed the game its really fun.

But I whish the graphics were better and well thats it for now.


Anything specific about the graphics? Do you not like pixel art?

I do but it could be a bit better.

like make objects more clear


I appreciate the feedback but still not too sure what you think needs improvement. Do you mean it's not clear that some cover explodes or can be damaged? Or that cover objects reduce the chance to hit? Or you think the objects need to be transparent?

the game freezes in enemy turn very often. especially when the covering obstacles got hit by opportunity/return fire from my soldier. i have to reload and restart from the mission briefing once it happened.

im ok with 8bit style pixel graphic but i would appreciate more patterns for new recruites. how about some montage like character creation ? by changing body color and parts, hair color and styles, and tatoos. and setting voice and initial stats either. it helps the personality standing out.

as to player's turn, i think "ending turn" function without changing prior commands is must have. and current fixed order of command is rather poor design for tactical combat. it only narrows down the choice and should be assigned more freely.


Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate you taking the time to play the game so much and tell us your thoughts.

Sorry about the poor experience with the game locking up. We definitely did notice a few instances where that could happen and issued a patch last week. Can you confirm if you have version 15.6? It should be on the bottom right of the title screen. If you do, then our play testers have definitely missed something and we will figure it out ASAP. Appreciate the details there.

We certainly have more in mind for the full game with regards to characters. As may be evident from the title screen, we will have "fixed" characters in the game as well as characters you can design yourself. Some of them will be in the party initially and others can be recruited as you play specific missions or at specific locations in the game. We will have a lot more customization options to choose from for designing the characters.

Yeah, the "turn based" vs "squad based" decision was a tough one for the team. The original idea for the game was to go back to the "retro" JRPG "initiative" style turn order while still having the tactical element. It's definitely something we are thinking about and testing and we will take your feedback under consideration as we continue development.

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mine is 15.6 for sure. the freeze only occurs in enemy turn. so i doubt AI getting internal stacking error which triggers some kind of overflow. same looking bug has been seen in the past, and almost always was there especially in early version. (i.e. Master of Magic, original X-com and Jagged Allience 2)

it seems i have been through demo version now as i can handle any situation without difficulties. what i said about "fixed order is not good" is, even taken one squad team as a unit, there should be some arrange of order within. i mean, its not always Soldier A to B thing (even if it depends on speed/agility value of each.). Soldier A could wait to strike out for best effort with B. that's why serious Turn Based Strategy has "passing/waiting turn/phase/round" function to adapt. i felt this missing badly after i got shotgunner and grenadier in my team. since the set of heavy fire's backing with assault is usually becoming mean punch to stronger enemies.

this part is the very core of tactical scaled strategy. actually its smallest but important part of chain of command and the source of deeper thought and fun for the player.

i think pre-made personality is good. it adds atmosphere and natural feeling to game's progression. but please don't become too restricted to fit only to those pre-made characters. it kills not only longevity but replayability since it becomes boring flashback once the player got through. (it's like splash/intro movie of computer game.)


We will definitely get that resolved. Thanks again for the input and I think you've given me a couple of ideas on how to make the turn system better. Set characters vs roguelike randomness is one of the topics we will be debating I am sure and we will try to find a good balance.

How goes progress? I keep updated on twitter but I was hoping I could get more details on what you all are working atm.


Thanks for asking! I'm going to make a blog post about that this week.


We are going to email the newsletter out to our subscribers tomorrow but if you want a sneak peak:

Looking nice. Maybe some more information about the setting and sociopolitcial background? Factions are nice. I just love to see conflicting religions and views with one another. Maybe something similar to different factions using bio-engineered weapons or modern-tech weapons could be integrated?

Sry if user-suggested ideas are annoying, I tend to gush with games like these. Good luck to the future development of DoE and your studio altogether!


We'll definitely post some more about the factions and how they relate to one another. We've got some great ideas along these lines and are happy t hear thoughts and ideas from the community. I may go set up some proper topics on the board after the holidays where topics and ideas can be bounced around more freely.

The one thing I have about it is the fact that it's kind of annoying you have to randomize everything but the name. I feel that should be changed in the future.


Thanks for the feedback! We were just trying to keep the game simple for the demo and we will be refining the entire experience for the full release. The non combat elements will actually be quite a bit different.


Tried it a little, it seems nice, but... It's really hard to tell what is what on screen. A tile i can walk on, a wall, an explosive, a hole... All are too much the same to my eyes. The view in 2D isometricish with North being exactly Up, is not helping at all. Not sure how to describe it in english... A flat top down view would be much better in my opinion.


Just want to say a few thoughts on a game.

First of all, thanks for your great work! I really enjoyed the game. You probably get a lot of comparisons with the X-COM games. I don't know if it's good or bad. But it added lots of enjoyment to my playthrough because of my X-COM liking.

Gameplay-wise, it's a really neat concept. You have to be careful and choose your location wisely, so you don't get flanked or shot by an enemy. It's cool that there's a customization in the game. You have to recruit some team members on a mission. And it seems that they have their own perks and experience. I assume there are more classes you can unlock going through missions.

Visually the game goes for the pixelated art style and it's totally fine with me. The main thing about this kind of art is that you can understand what's going on in the game. And there's no problem with that. The color pallet is pleasing to the eye.

The music is one of the great things about the game. It fits and gets you into its atmosphere.

All n' all, that's that kind of game I really looking forward to playing! So, thanks again for your effort. I'm waiting for its continuation! :D

And, yeah, I said about other things on games Gamejolt page and left a video on the game if anybody's interested to see a real life reaction to it.

Cheers :D


Hey moshy,

Thanks for the feedback here and on GameJolt and we are happy to hear you liked the game! We have heard the X-Com comparison but I think we will be distinguishing the game a lot more in our next update as the plan has always been to skew a bit more to the RPG side.

We've definitely got a lot of plans for character customization and a better equipment loadout screen to solve a lot of the item issues people have mentioned. We'll also have a bit more to the story and new enemies revealed soon!

Fantastic game. Love the art and the music, and the battle system was great. I wish there were more weapons choices per class, and you had a little bit more customization, but I assume you already have all that planned out for the full game. The only big problem I had was training with a new character- getting the first few levels can be tough due to how weak a new character is, but then once you get past that they become slightly overpowered. I would much rather have either a stronger start/ easier first few level ups with more grinding or challenge later. Especially when I first started the game, it seemed that everyone on either side took 2 hits to kill, so it felt like playing chess with 4 pawns against 4 pawns, not 2 knights and 2 rooks against 3 knights and a bishop.

Can't wait until its released!


Thanks for the feed back and glad you liked the game! We are definitely in agreement with you on the difficulty curve and have a plan to (hopefully) make it a little more fun for new players and ramping up the challenge as you get deeper into the game.

The UI is coming along nicely (we have a few screenshots on our twitter account and has a lot more options for character customization and several new equipment types. We will be posting more about this soon!

Next steps: a possible update for the demo and early access.

im trying to acces the steam greenlight can you give me a link?


Sure, it's available here. We haven't launched the Greenlight yet so it's just the concept page but you can follow the game on there and I believe Steam will let you know when the Greenlight happens, etc.

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I played a couple of levels, it's fun. I don't think XCOM comparisons are necessarily a bad thing, I really enjoyed that and it looks like you'll have far more maps than XCOM offers. I found the mouse scroll a bit hyperactive (very little pointer motion results in a great deal of scrolling). It worked well on my 2560x1440 monitor, but I'd still like to have the usual Unity resolution options, monitor selection, and window/full-screen dialog. I'm not a fan of pixel graphics, but even if I were, it gets a little ridiculous maximized on a 24" desktop screen. I agree with some of the earlier comments, it's occasionally difficult to figure out what is cover and what isn't (although the icons help, obviously) ... I'm sure it's way too late to switch to a more common 3/4 view. But it isn't a deal breaker. I'm following it on Steam and will probably buy it.


Thanks for the kind words! We're hard at work on getting an early access build that has massive improvements over the current demo. It's probably 6-8 weeks from being ready and we're debating on updating the demo or leaving it as-is.

The 3/4 view will be hard to switch away from at this point but we have heard the feedback on the cover and are working on some creative solutions. We are also going to spend some time on mouse/keyboard/gamepad controls so I expect they'll be improved as well.

Gamepad support would be great.

Earlier somebody commented about the difficulty of leveling up a new recruit and I agree... one of my original three got killed, everybody was level 5 or so, and the level 1 replacement was pretty much useless.

Spent another hour playing and I have a few more comments to add. I can't see earlier posts while writing this reply so some of this has probably already been mentioned (or you've fixed it already, sounds like a lot of UI tweaks have taken place), but in no particular order:

  • When there are about six units active (friendlies + enemies) the info boxes at the top go off-screen and I didn't see any way to scroll. It's also often tricky to discern between enemy robots and any robot units in my group (insert pixel-art grumpiness here).
  • Inventory is only a single line and doesn't scroll. My robot had a bunch of items that it couldn't use (health regen) and it also had oil, but I couldn't select the oil.
  • Similarly, if I can't use health packs with a robot or oil with a human, I shouldn't be able to assign them in inventory. (Doubt this is news to you but just in case.)
  • I think it was mentioned, but weapon reassignment is a must. Class reassignment would be nice but doesn't feel as necessary.
  • It isn't clear to me what it means when "my" level increases (versus my team). I guess that opens up higher difficulty missions?
  • It took me awhile to figure out the little star meant I had level-up skill points to assign. I'd probably go with an up-arrow, maybe even animated.
I'm a Unity developer and I like a lot of the design decisions. The interface is simple, direct, and reasonably intuitive. The brief tutorial overlays are concise and helpful. Overall gameplay is just very smooth. Even when I'm getting my butt kicked, nothing feels "unfair" -- there are balance issues as others mentioned, but that's more a matter of fine-tuning the pacing, I think.

I hope it's sufficiently successful that you decide to release an HD-graphics reboot! :)


Thanks for the additional input. I'll give a quick overview of where we are with the game design at the moment since others might like to see this also:

  • Removed single use items in favor of items that have limited number of uses on a mission. Also items are either usable or passive bonus types and one of each can be equipped. We also have added grenades as one of the usable items which was a pretty common request
  • Weapons and armor can be freely equipped or removed and we have a lot more of both.
  • Streamlined classes down to just "weapon classes" but they are more of a combination of weapon and regular classes. A second class can be assigned also at level 5. The weapon class would not restrict weapon use but provide bonuses when using that weapon
  • Stat categories have been totally changed and are more meaningful to the game and have better effects
  • A level up will allocate 2 points that can be spent to level up a stat or a class. Certain levels of both stats and classes have skills that are assigned when you level up to that value. Leveling up a stat can improve multiple elements in combat and leveling up a weapon class can improve damage, aim, etc with weapons of that type.
  • Skills are similar to items in that they are either usable (with a cooldown) or passive bonuses. We've got 27 total skills implemented so far and they really add a lot of different tactical options
We've also got a ton more stuff that's in progress also that will address a lot of the difficulty elements. I don't want to say too much yet but I'll be posting another blog entry with more details in the next few weeks.

We also are adding some new enemy types and variations to the current characters.

Sounds cool. I did remember to go look at the improved UI pix you posted, it does look better.

If you want a beta tester with Unity dev experience, hit me up.


Email me at and I'll get you a key.

Did you get my email?


Loving the game so far. I'm playing on multiple PC. Where is the user save data stored? So I can keep my expereince on all PC's.

I've put about 4 hrs into the demo and have a few suggestions regarding gameplay. I understand the game has changed alot and would like to try a newer build and they relay my thoughts. But for now, here's my views on the demo.

Love the overall artstyle.
Great synthwave soundtrack.
Plays well with just a mouse. I reversed the drag option.
Gameplay is very reminiscent of Shadow Wars 3DS (Gollop). One of my all time fav TRPG


Auto turrets
Long range Scanners
Spider nano bots (Hack NPC)

All the above could be in the later game demo or already be in the new greenlit build?

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