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ooo cool, thanks!

hi, i did the nvidia thing and it seems to be working, so thanks :)

i wonder if you might be able to help with another problem while i have you

when i launch the game it likes to minimize itself, repeatedly, and i just have to keep bringing it back to the foreground until it stops. i’m not sure what to make of it. my only guess is that my computer doesn’t like changing resolution from 1080p to 720p. i do have the same problem sometimes with other games that use a different resolution

i fixed this by disabling vsync (my monitor is 240Hz)

glad you enjoyed it!

i just tried starting it in windowed mode and it worked!

Windows Defender tells me your exe contains a trojan!ml&threatid=2147735505

hopefully that’s a false positive

crashed after the unity splash screen for me :\

feels so weird playing as the enemy

seems like the golden age of flash games has returned..? really needs an aim marker, or a shadow of where you’re dragging the cube from, something like that. otherwise i love it

yeah this is nice. love the sound, love the hud. feels pretty hectic trying to get all the tea in time. my high score is 3850, i think i got lucky :)

thanks for the feedback~ i initially had the coffee cups halve your score so there was more incentive to avoid them but that seemed unfair

thanks :) i’m glad it was fun for a bit

all this needs is a score display on the ‘you lost’ screen :) good game

after a few tries i made it 13 days. it’s a lot of fun :) there was one graphical glitch i had, after a few days when placing a tile it would tend to jerk around and spin rather than stay flat to the board

thank you! that’s the sort of thing i have planned, needing to build a particular tune to open a door or somesuch :)

i love this game. thanks.

yeah the stairs are . . . unfinished :p I’m sorry to hear about your trouble with the door collider. were you playing the web or download version?

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i see! i found the problem, for some reason running the game through the itch launcher makes the movement controls really slow. ¯\(ツ)/¯ it’s still quite difficult to get on a platform, but i got to the goal

so after the game says ‘press space to jump’ no more instructions are given, i’m assuming there’s more to do than wander and bounce around but nothing i pressed helped

it’s fun to try and stack the boxes just right, though i never managed to keep them all ^^; i had the truck fall over on me a couple of times, which was a bummer. good simplistic art, suits the game well. i would like to be able to more precisely stack the boxes, though i very much like how it is already

this game is super cool. i’m wondering, is there a wave four? or does the ‘lord’ just leave you to your fate? i lasted about three minutes on wave three, btw :) right from the start the intro scene pulled me into the story, i wanted so bad to stop the plague. love the art, love the background track. the swing mechanic is hard to control but very fun, definitely needs a joystick! i like you you do more damage when you build up momentum.

it’s a cool idea to have portals in a tower defence, but i’m not sure i could figure out how to take full advantage of the mechanic. i feel like the arena could be bigger? idk. and yeah you can barricade yourself in a corner and be safe forever but that’s no fun! the sounds and music really suit the hectic gameplay :)

your game is so hard! granny is so demanding! very immersive, even with furniture getting stuck to you. textures and sound are great, and i love the idea you came up with

this is fun, it’s kinda difficult but quite thrilling after some practice. it feels counterintuitive to have to click to clean up the blood, i would’ve thought you just had to zoom over it. sound effects are good, but the music gets repetitive fast. needs a score counter!

i really enjoyed this game. it was challenging to handle the creepy bunnies and turnips while doing all the little tasks to grow crops. the sound effects and music suit it well! the control to pick things up is kinda finicky, i found it took several attempts most times to grab a pot.

nice :) thanks for making this

hi, there isn’t much game here right now… if you’ve found the piano room, you’ve seen all there is to see

I’m using RPG Maker MV :)