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This game is great! I suggest trying to create a mobile copy of this, so people can play it on their phones. I think that can be SUPER successful! You just need to better the graphics a bit. And more.

Yeah, come on!

Darn! Forgot to mention that I think that game hits a brick wall at some point. At a point of experience and progress, the game becomes very boring. There are no new things to build, you have a surplus of food,  and the shark does not scare you any more. If you find a solution to these problems, or the overall problem, than you will attract people for longer. I highly suggest this.


I worked very hard on this, up this if you want something in here implemented in the game and please feel free to elaborate on my ideas, as I did with some others! Suggested idea elaboration is at the bottom where it says "Other Advice or Vague Ideas:".

Also, I have added a cons section to each of my created\elaborated ideas so you can better use my advice.

Ropes, Bridges, Reinforcements, and Stress.

To connect separate rafts you can build. This can give the user a more community like feel with a raft for cooking, catching food, house, and collecting items. You can travel between raft segments by small bridges. Cons: This idea may take away the feeling of loneliness and survival feel you have created thus far. My advice, create a limiting factor preventing the building of massive rafts\raft segments.  Create stress between connecting ropes and just floor tiles in general, at a certain point, have the player create reinforcements to prevent the destruction or division of a raft/raft segment(s).  

Fish net, Bait, Fish, and Expiration.

This idea was copied, but I will elaborate on the idea. Fish nets require bate to lure fish - they cant just wonder in there! Bait is either grown from a seed gathered from small Islandsor crafted from other fish (You may change where they are found or made, I just gave you an idea). You can add three types of catch able fish with the net; Carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores. Herbivores are captured from placing only the grown bait in the fish net, carnivores are captured by placing meat bait in the net, and omnivores, both types. Obviously, omnivores would have to provide the most nutrients. Cons: Adding these fish may affect the difficulty of survival. My advice, create bate that are difficult to make, make said fish rare to catch, or lower their nutrition values. 

Islands and Grappling Hooks.

Immediately, you may think "That will totally and completely ruin the vibe and strategy of the game!", allow me to explain. As the player is floating happily across the ocean,  he may come across a small island, like really small-You will know how big or small you can or will (Please!) make them, to balance the game. On the islands, there can be food, rare resources for interesting items, whatever. You're the developer, i'm the humble person giving the great ideas! However, getting there is a bit more difficult. The player's raft on its natural course will completely miss the island. The player must create a grappling hook or a grounded, harpoon like gun - attached to the raft of course - to pull towards the small island. As mentioned before,  the player will have to place a tremendous amount of structural support to the raft, preventing the separation of it. To refine my idea, or make it work, you can make it so that the raft can only be so big, for the grappling hook to work. Also, while the raft is being held by the gun's rope from the island, the rope will slowly break, forcing the player to leave soon after arrival. Cons: my idea here was very raw and quick-whipped. My advice, no. I strongly insist you elaborate on this idea. If I continue, I enter into a zone that is of very specific details, of which must be thought out by the developer, if he wishes to impalement this idea.

Other Advice or Vague Ideas:

You must add better textures to take away the feel of "A shitty game." (Sorry, I'm getting a bit tired. That was a joke too. Hah Hah...)

Consider adding more limiting factors such as: Happiness, temperature (Copied), Stress of structures, or fertilizer for crops. 

More crop items.

I highly suggest you create a better multiplayer version of the game. I thing it will gain much more popularity that way.   

As I said before about raft segments, in multiplayer all players can spawn on different rafts, and in single player you can split rafts, and catch up with them later on.

If you add catching up with separated rafts, add a way to slow down, speed up, and a map to know what is around you. if you are next to a separate raft or ship, or island or whatever, use the grappling hook to join up with your pal or whatever.

About me:

Hey ya'll! I'm 13 and in 7th grade, ummm I play violin which is fun, i also take art lessons! Oh! My name is Justin! This, just in, a weird kid - as he calls himself - "Justin", was last seen spending hours on his computer, writing a dumb comment.  

Note to developer:

I see major potential in your game, that's why I spent a lot of time making this comment of organized ideas for you. Whatever you are doing with the game though, I trust you with it, because you made it really well so far!

Ps. When you add this game to steam, please don't make it too expensive!

Another Ps.

If you mention my name or anything like that in the game, YOU WILL MAKE MY LIFE! Why do you think I spent all this time and effort making this for you? But its fine if you don't. (No, not really.) Nah, it fine. (No, shut up me.)


No, I am not schizophrenic. 

"Shut up! Leave me alone!"

Jacksepticeye, 2016 or something like that, I don't care.

Sorry the ending section is crappy, I got tired, now I feel like this is a school assignment. Ugh. 

I just need to hit that "Post" button now. Ok, I will. Peace out!