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Really cool concept! The animations are simple but really well done, and the sound effects are very fitting. Only thing I would've liked is a levels checkpoint system. Overall a great game :)

The characters and abilities are pretty well balanced. Overall a very neat game! Great submission

Thanks so much for the fix! :)

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Hi, recently we noticed that the cover image of our game (which was published many months ago) isn't being displayed properly. It's supposed to be an animated GIF but instead it looks glitched out. (Seen here: However once you mouse over the image then it displays correctly. This can be reproduced by searching "grilled" and our game should be the first one in the results. This is also occurring with our other game (search "pumpkin").

We've tried reuploading the cover image to no avail, we've also reproduced this on multiple browsers and multiple machines. Curiously the actual GIF resource that the thumbnail points to looks fine (, but the thumbnail still-image is screwed up (, so we're really stumped as to how to fix this.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey man, I'm working with jub on our game and I just wanna say this sounds amazing!!! Thank you so much for this. Can't wait to put it to good use in our game :) I've been listening to your work and they're all brilliant, you've definitely earned yourself a Soundcloud follower. I hope we can have opportunities to work together again in the future!