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The idea of bringing Sekiro and Punch Out mechanics is a really clever one, and I like the way Moonlit Duel uses them to create a funand intuitive game!

I like it when games have multiple play styles, and I'm amazed you managed to get so many in in a game jam game! I had a great time playing!

Doing strafing runs on a kaiju really sells the scale of the monster!

Fun! I like the way the kaiju's fins light up as it charges attacks!

I've updated the page for the game with a break down of what each of the values in the different file types do. Does the update description answer your questions?

There's a folder called "datafiles" that contains a number of json files. ability_a.json, ability_b.json, etc. Changing the values in those files is how you change the abilities.

char_a.json and char_b.json control the stats for the characters.

The shield mechanic is a cool twist on shump gameplay!

This is really cool! I'm playing on Android, and it's a great fit, for both the mechanics and the session length. 

I really like the encounter design! The tower crab in particular stood out to me as fun and clever!

I like the way new elements are introduced across the worlds, and how the world map allows me to try a different puzzle if I'm getting stuck on one in particular. Great presentation throughout!

Fun game! I enjoy the way the whirlpools are used to create puzzles.

This is the direction I want to see city builders move in! Environmental impact is important to consider, and makes for interesting mechanics. Very cool game!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!


Thanks for including my game in the video! :D I'd thought I'd fixed that bug on Friday, but I guess not. So go game jams.

Ha! So when adult critters have taken care of their hunger, they'll seek out mates. If you've got one selected and it's mood is "Romantic" that's what's going on. If two romantic critters see each other, they'll move into each other and a new critter will be spawned near them, taking one chromosome from each parent, with random mutations on each gene mediated by the terrarium's mutation rate.

By making lots of bushes, you gave them lots of food so it was easy for them to be well fed enough to turn romantic.

This is clever! I like the framing of virtual pet as mystery lifeform/puzzle.

The visual novel framing is an interesting choice for a virtual pet game. I like that they're released as adults; it turns the usual virtual pet arc into something more positive and more focused on the happiness of the pet itself.

I like that this is about a group, and not an individual pet!

I appreciate the consideration for us lefties!

I like the idea of combining a virtual pet with an idle game!

There are keyboard controls as well. WASD to move, KILO to perform the actions assigned to the face buttons. Sorry for the confusion!

Very clever! It's great to see a game mashup, especially one that works so well!

It was one of our design goals that players would need to make use of the resources in the world to take down the boss, so I'm glad to hear you had that experience. Congratulations on beating the boss! If you're interested, more weapons and color filters can be unlocked by playing more. 
Thank you for the feedback about the background and controls!

I like that the player takes the role of a healer, rather than a direct combatant. Would love to see the idea developed beyond the boundaries imposed by the jam!

Excellent game! Linka combines two types of puzzle game in a way that creates something fun and new.

This is a cool twist on turn-based RPG combat!

I like how finding and recruiting new characters makes the castle more accessible. It's a nice twist on normal metroidvania progression.