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(A lot of this is going to be taken from my Developer log, but I said what I mostly wanted to say there)

Before you get upset and start thinking I'm here to accuse everything of being racist hear me out. I'm NOT wanting to do that.  I think perspective is so so important. Perspective quenches anger. I know it has for me in my life, so I'm hoping it can do the same for anyone bold enough to give Black Simulator a fair shake. No, it's not a great game, not even all that polished (though I did try sincerely under the time constraints and 0$ budget) but a lot of people have found it VERY helpful which I'm extremely grateful.  

This game came about from many experiences in my own life, as well as stories I've heard from others. I've taken liberties with those stories (I'm making a game here people), but the narrative is there.  I'm the black kid that was a TOTAL nerd and didn't get along with almost any of the other black kids at school because we were vastly different in culture. Yet, I was expected to be with them because of my skin tone from both black and white kids. Getting the true ending of the game highlights this internal conflict for me all the way up till now. That's not a sob story,  just part of the heart that I had in making this goofy game. Is this culture or "race". Yet history is tied to skin color, so is my skin color part of my history even though I just wanna live a normal life without carrying the weight of a tribe on my back? Have any of you guys and gals ever felt this way? I'd love to hear from you. Truly! 

I'm not saying you have to enjoy it or think it's a good game, but whatever you pull from it is what you pull from it. I just wanted to celebrate some differences the way that other developers have expressed themselves through this wonderful media. Take care, God bless... and give someone a Ric Flair WOO for me... make sure it's a stranger... it's WAY funnier that way. 

Game summary! 

Mini Game where you're Goal is to finish errands without getting shot or arrested by the police... that is all.

Features: Slightly different experiences based on what you wear, who you talk to, how you respond to people, how they respond to you, and random events.  Can you get the "good ending"? 

Experimenting: Have fun experimenting and learning through satire what it may be like to be * ahem * "Coloured".  Have fun! 

Link to page:

Abridged Gameplay trailer & Initial release trailer

I'd like to submit my game! But, I think it's considered adult however... I think it's helpful in some ways too. So, I'm torn. I'm just gonna shoot my shot and leave it here.  Thanks for all you're doing regardless <3