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Could you tell me more about deserted base M2F? I tried losing to mistyra and explored both options, as well as pursuing successfully with parasites on, but still didn't get anything related.

I'm on android and changed my phone, anyone know how to port savefiles over? 

Is there anything to do with the "pursue" option for mistyra ? Or will she run away no matter what?

Is it possible to buy a fridge for the milk farm? I think there's a line about it.

OK thanks, I see you're busy uploading v13 haha

Is the Slaver's Caravan intended to be added in LD+?

You need to go through all the possible interactions with cassie after capturing Alissa, this will prompt cassie to try to think of a solution.

Could you give me a few tips? The hobo disappeared after I paid him the money, and my game is forced to end after rescue as well.

I mean I often download apks without issue, but the one I get when I click this game download is labelled. zip

How do I open the zip file on android? I can download it from browser but I can't open the zip file even with winzip. I can't use the mega link because the file is too large.

When I download the .swf file for mac, I only extract a file full of resources for the game such as images and sound files without being able to actually open the game. Am I doing anything wrong?

The walkthrough I says I have to interact with an odd bookcase in the welcome center library for caroline's quest, but I can't seem to find one, I've clicked on all the bookcases already... I'm on android

I'm not sure what to do with this... I had already downloaded the original 5.1 and created a new save file, so I have 2 apps labelled lust doll plus on my phone. When I download the reupload it says app not installed... The "original" lust doll plus (from 4.2) is still very laggy, while the original 5.1 is still the original I doing something wrong? Should I uninstall one of them? 


From the patch notes, I see something about the graveyard and manor. How do I access them? In the original lust doll I could get Rinny to fly me over the gate, but in the current build she advises me against it...

The new version downloaded as a separate app on android, and I can't use my old savefiles? Did I do something wrong when downloading it? I could make a new savefile since I can use cheats anyway but I'd like to see my old character. 

Did you realize what the problem was?

Yeah it's still lagging after 3.2

Another thing I noticed is it seems to become laggier over time as I keep playing. When I load in, it is laggy but playable, but after a few minutes of walking around its actually unplayable 

It was really smooth before, but now it's really laggy. I tried to make a new save file, the character creation process is smooth but once I spawn in its really laggy as well.

The new version (I'm on android) is extremely laggy, I'm not sure if it's just with old save files or with the new ones as well? Any help?

I'm on mobile, is there any way to enable Ada's image on the right side of the screen? I seem to have disabled it and idk how to enable it.

"4. If it's not the case - set it yourself via the menu. After changing permissions click on the gear icon and choose the "Apply to enclosed items" option from the drop-down menu."

I think the main problem is here. I can't find apply to enclosed items, the setting just seems to save itself as read and write.

I tried that but it didn't work...

I'm playing on mac and I can't save at all, it says error: EROFS: read-only file system followed by a bunch of location names. Any fix?

I can't install the new update? I can download it on android but when I click install it just says app not installed... Any help there?

Is there anything to do in The Rock right now?

I can't seem to get pregnant more than 2 times, once by wildcat and once by highwayman... Is that a feature or a bug, or just luck?

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Thanks! Also, are there any new ark city npcs except Sammy implemented?

For pregnancies, is it like the old lust doll where you will give birth by walking around, or will you have to go to the nursery to manually give birth? Also is there any difference to the baby depending on who the father is?