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That is totally ok! As long as you make the games themselves during the jam. Cheers!

Yes! As long as you made them within the time frame of DecadeJam

Thank you for asking! There is no theme in particular to DecadeJam. However, there is an Optional Themes and Diversifiers section at the bottom of the jam page!

Of course! As long as they were first created after 2020 began.

You can do both! Submit as many games as you like (as long as they have been created since the jam start) and submit games that you create over the course of the decade. 

I love this thought!

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Thank you for organizing the bundle. Congrats on the milestone and all the amazing work bub! <3



Of course! 

That's really great! The laundromat story is fantastic.

And no worries! All the tools we use were made before the jam so it's not an issue (: 

Thank you for asking!

That all sounds like it's in the spirit of the jam. If you'd be willing, it might be nice to include a little disclaimer note to explain that the script was made before the jam and then how it's implemented in the game!

Best of luck!

I think that's totally within the spirit of the jam! If you want to be safe, it could be cool if you included the original prototype alongside the finished game when you submit - maybe with a little .txt about how you expanded from the prototype and where it took you.

Can't wait to see what they become (:

Of course! Any and all games created between 2020 and 2030 are eligible for submission.

Happy new year!

If you plan on submitting each update as a stand-alone .exe (rather than replacing the older submitted file), I'd recommend including them all in a single folder (and submitting that) so that they'll be kept together and easier for players to find. However, if you feel that each update reflects a large enough change that it is almost like a new game, please feel free to submit them however you like!

Perfect! Added (:

Of course! Would it be ok if I added that idea to the diversifies?

3 hours if that's enough DM me for more ?

it has been here all along ha ha!

than k you dad.

i love u and cannot wait for u to see me again.

- yours

did you get to th e temple?? it can be hard to get all the way there !