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Welcome, and same here; I know very little about making music, so I understand where you're coming from.

Not bad; sounds like Titlescreen Music to me.

This has potential, but it feels so janky with the Portals and placing Cubes on top of red buttons.

It gets especially troublesome with Chamber 5, because every time I place a Portal and enter it, I immediately die.

It sucks 'cause I love Portal 1 & 2, and I'd like to see a horror game based on Portal, especially considering the darker aspects of the Portal series.

But for right now, I will have to rely on others' videos in order for me to experience it fully.

Not sure if I agree with having Interact being "Q", as most people (myself especially) have been used to using "E" for Interact, but regardless it's an interesting game.

Also, players can use the switch to climb over the wall in the last level, effectively cheesing the level if it wasn't intended for that in the first place.

It's okay, and thanks for the response.
I did do both without, and one with, and I don't know but it seemed like I was missing tiles. It could be doing its job correctly, and I didn't notice (as it was my first time using this program :P).

Hope you have a good day/night!

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Just a quick question: is there a limit to the Import Image's size? I have a 464x256 image that I used for converting down an already-made tileset to 8x8 tiles for ease of use, and I noticed that some tiles don't seem to be included in the Output Images.

The image in question: 

Edit: I found a workaround, in which I split up the image to smaller images, combined the outputs, and ran it through again, and got this: 


Can definitely see this getting some use.

Only thing that's really missing is the 4-way Crossroads, and arrows to go along with that (here are some examples).

I am so blind, my apologies.

You're welcome, and thanks for responding.

"what the hell are you doing?" - goomba

I have to agree with McKraken; quite fun (and probably the best so far), but by the time there's a turn, you've most likely smacked yourself into a wall, and have to start over.

A warning (like a sign or a flashing '!' symbol) before a turn would be best.

I've noticed that you can't throw a life saver sometimes, which is frustrating when you've already saved a civilian and you have no choice but to restart.

Attempting to enter the water freezes my Blue Pikmin in place.

I've noticed a couple of things when playing the game: when you attempt to restart the game, it crashes. Same thing happens after reaching the red door in the tutorial. (Happened on Windows 8.1)

But why, though?

Thanks for the response, I'll be sure to take a look at it.

Hey, the "Free Game Creator" link leads to a 404 webpage.