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There is a level above 'pleased' that you can get if you answer the questions a certain way.

You spelled 'love' wrong.

Of course. Femboy love knows no bounds.

If I went back in time and told my younger self that I fell for a fictional goblin I think they would be extremely confused.  Great game by the way. :-)

Hey boyfriend, how long until week 7?

This is a bi guy's dream come true

I'm pretty sure he/she did confirm that it will be coming out on steam as well.

No problem.  That was just a bit of confusion on my part.  I wish you luck with creating the world's most wholesome game.

OK Thanks.  I started with crush right off the bat  so thank for telling me.  But 10 years seems like an awfully long time to confess to your crush if you've loved him the whole time. 

Oh and one more thing.  I probably missed this somewhere in the tutorial but, when do you get to choose the love option on the interest meter?

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This is a damn good game.  Possibly one of the best visual novels I've ever played.  I can't wait for the full release. 

Its a very interesting game, I like the story.  But I feel that you made it a slight bit more difficult than it should be (unless that was the intention), and the mechanics are a bit repetative.  I would love to see more mechanics placed into this game.  Combine that with the current story and I think we've got an amazing game on our hands.  ;-)

I never thought I would say this but, this game is wierder than "Chuchel".

It is a decent game, although it nearly chashed my computer.

Amazing Game.  This game has a lot going for it, and I would love to see where you go with this.  The tik tac toe puzzle was a bit conviluted and I would roccomemnd that you make the intructions a bit more clear in the future.  BTW, I would'nt call this 18+ content.  Trust me, there are games on this website that claim to be 18+ content that have so much more adult content than this.  Dont believe me,  just seach under the "erotic" tag and see for yourself.


Remember when finishing your game:  Take your time to make it, and put you heart into it. :-)

I understand if you dont like a game but isnt that a bit shitty of you to say.

Your games are getting more and more cryptic each time

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I have a chomebook so I am only able to play web games.  But now I have a windows computer and can install games.  I know how to download the files but I have no idea what to do after that.

You could have chosen any number? Why 451208114412961

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Is anyone sensing a relation to the game Fara.

The one thing you could fix is to make it more obvious on where to go.  It took me up to 10 minuites to figure out that you can go up and down.  But that could just be my bad. ;-).

Well Done.  Amazing Concept.  I have never seen a game reflect the reality of life so perfectly.  Rating: 94%

It's a good game but oh my god is it so wrong.

Great Game!  You got the gravity motion effect spot on!  There are a few things that you might want to work on though.  In my opinion the sensitivity was way too high and the player went way too slow.   The game also kind of made it difficult to now where you should go with all  dead ends.  But other than that, it was an amazing game, especially for a game that was made in just 2 days.

Is there ay way to stop the voids.

It was a very good game.  I should hope you add much more to the story or make a sequal.  It was clever how you intertwined it with Fax Vex Puix.  I wish you the best of luck on games in the future.