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Its a very interesting game, I like the story.  But I feel that you made it a slight bit more difficult than it should be (unless that was the intention), and the mechanics are a bit repetative.  I would love to see more mechanics placed into this game.  Combine that with the current story and I think we've got an amazing game on our hands.  ;-)

Thank you JuicySponge for the comment! Yeah, I wanted it to be a little on the hard side so it's intended.

I'm sorry if you feel it's a little repetitive, personally I still find it fun to play despite having played through it at least a few dozen times through development, but maybe it's just because I made a game that I would personally like to play. More mechanics would actually spoil the experience because the game is mostly about the choices you make to reach the end more than the platforming itself. Sorry about that! Hope you can still find some enjoyment out of it.