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Just saw from the images that you actually use the scredriver xD

It's a lot more branched than I was giving credit for!

Great job!

Really cute game!

It would've been nice to use the inventory system, but it might be explored more in the actual full game

It would be cool to see more actors in this rather than pngs, or at least giving the png characters more lip sinc-ing

Great stuff!


🇺🇸 o7 🇺🇸

Bionic Commando?

I think I've heard of it... I might look into it for further references!

0/10 not enough geese

Fun game, though I've found the car a bit too slippery...

I like the synthwave aesthetic!

Thank you for the feedback!
We're happy you found all those parts of the game fun and enjoyable!

The enemies hurt you, at least the ones with spiky hair, but we didn't had the time to polish it well... It's on the list of things we should keep an eye on whenever we decide to fix some elements of the game!

I like the atmosphere!

I think the dash could have some more polish, but it's a nice little package overall

Golden star for attempting to implement 3D assets!

I think the dash and bounce mechanics are cool, but they weren't really well implemented in the level.

Couldn't find Dad lol

Cool levels, nice presentation and catchy tunes!

The only gripe I had is with some of the lava placements, which I found annoying more than challenging, but it was all manageble

Also, on a side note, it reminded me more of "I wanna be the guy" rather than "Super MeatBoy"

Really good-feeling movement!

The only two things lacking are sfx for the player's actions and the fact that it could have followed the theme better.

Still a great speedrunning game!

Really nice level layout you got there!

Although it really didn't felt like I was stealing those coins, maybe only the ones hidden inside vaults made me think about that.

But still, it was pretty nice!

I know everyone has pointed it out by now, but the spikes need some fixing, and not having any sound feels pretty weird

Thank you!

Fortunately, all these speed variables are really easy to tweak, so maybe we'll check them out for the next version

I think the platforming is way too precise for the character's speed

Also, there were a couple of levels I couldn't understand how to reach some platforms, as the jump was way shorter to reach them...

Still, with some extra polish this game could work pretty well!

Oh and yeah, that BGM you put became irritating really fast lol

The walking animation was a clever idea. Also I like the overall concept for the game... but ir needs some polish to make it feel actually good to play...

Keep improving!

Holy crap your 3D artists was on steroids or something? Because that's a MASSIVE amount of 3D assets made in basically only 48 hours

The movement felt a little clunky, and it really didn't feel like a game I would speedrun, but great job on the game for sure!

... also... italiani?

I think I'm running a "Version 8 Update 311 (build 1.8.0_311-b11)"


Yeah, I'm seeing a lot of people getting confused with how the aim works, maybe we'll change it to mouse aim...

Thanks for feedback!

Yeah, the centipede design is so cool
Please keep using this sort of aesthetics, because it's really unique!

But yeah, game devving is hard, but now I can see what you wanted to make, good job either way!

It felt really scary being chased down from a sea of spaghetti xD

For real though, it's a neat game, pretty bare bones though. Also not having enough screen ahead of you made me guess each time I had to jump.

Thank you, friend!

We're happy you liked it!

I like the game and the vibey atmosphere!

Either I'm really bad or the levels required almost perfect positioning to complete them haha

The wall jump was pretty janky, but for the rest it felt pretty good, so good job!

DUDE, I have the uttermost respect for whoever made the centipede dude, I love him!

This game is so cool and weird and cool and weird... too bad it doesn't really follow the important elements for the jam

Still, the centipede won my heart <3

I love the idea for this game, maybe it's a bit too hard too fast for my taste... It felt almost like a Kaizo rom hack for the huge amount of precision platforming and aiming, which to me was a bit frustrating...

I love the lil' robot dude, really cool!

This is such a novel way to use SuperHot's mechanic! Really cool!

I only wish the character was less sluggish in their movements...

Small octo-lad doin' some hacking!

Really cute and well executed game!

Just, don't bind the R key as a hard reset key in a game where you only use the keyboard... I lost my progress due to a mistake lol

Really cool and polished concept, but I feel there could've been a better way to make it more interesting for its theming

Still, it feels really good getting some trick shots and blasting at full speed!

I love Bocchi, but this game isn't neither polished or relevant to the jam in any way...

blob bocchi was cute.

I have a huge soft spot for slimes, so this gets my "Slime Fan Seal of Approval"

Really polished and fun game, although the controls felt kinda weird, both sword swing and dash...

Still, great work!

I'm glad you found the hook satisfying!

Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you so much for trying it out!

The goal is to steal the Treasure King, which is a sparkling blue diamond with legs!

Other than that, thank you for your feedback!

Thank you!

Yeah, we know that more polish would've made our game even more satisfying!

Maybe after the end of the jam we might tweak some stuff.

That's fair, maybe I would have committed more on the smaller stages, that when I died going back to the place I was felt pretty frustrating... 

Still, the final scene was funny, though I would've loved to have a final stage equipped with jetpack! 

We also really liked how Andie, the MC, came out! 

She's our beloved burglar :) 

Thanks a lot! 

The idea was that after stealing the treasure, you would have to run back to the entrance, making her more like a thief, but we were overly ambitious with the little time we had...

Still, glad you liked both presentation and game feel! 

In my opinion, it's better to have a shorter game, but that feels good to play.

Although it's pretty reasonable what you say, I think it's kinda sluggish to play, considering it will be played by speedrunners

Still, cool game!

Pretty neat game, although the AI art look pretty jarring and uncanny...

The mechanics are funny and executed pretty well, and the ragdoll corpses are a nice touch.

The most frustrating part to me was how slow the character moves, even with the movement boost.

The caveman is a funny little dude.

The movement and jump are really janky: you can spam jump and basically fly around lol.

Also it's pretty frustrating having almost no time to react to the obstacles due to restricted vision and character speed. And yeah, please rework the jump whenever possible.

Cool idea, but the polish this game has is really the best part

It gets repetitive pretty fast, but for what it is, this is a nice game overall!