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Thank you, I will!

Thank you! 

Thank you!

An excellent read and a promising beginning to the adventures of Charlotte. You painted a great picture of the world and narrative with a few simple pages. It was a treat.

Thank you very much for reading!

I think it was a tender story. There were really moments where I felt the character's pain, the self-shaming, the strong sense of worthlessness.  I'm glad there were people like Hana and Emily to help the main character through it.

It's an interesting premise for sure. Would totally like to see more.

Excellent. A really promising start! It's very cute! What more is there to say? If this is ever revisited in a more fully fleshed out light novel, I'll be excited to read more!

Question: Have you ever seen cats and dragons in the same room, at the same time? Isn't it strange how is always there when the other is absent? I'm telling you, there's a line here that reaches to the highest levels. The highest!

Question: What cat is mathematically the best cat? (please show your work) (#seriousdiscussionsonly) (#meow)

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It began quietly. With a few ideas, then more, until finally I wrote The Office Catgirl. Here are few things I learned during my month-and-two-week-long journey.

  • Outlining took way longer than I expected it to be. Much of what I wrote in it, I ended up discarding for better ideas that came up in my scenes. I'm a discovery writer by heart and very little tolerance for writing out a scene whose outcome I've predetermined by the time I committed to writing the draft out, I threw away everything I had. Obviously, new writers shouldn't do this. The culprit, I believe, was outlining like a planner and not like a discovery writer. I'm fairly new at taking the craft seriously, so I'm still research ways that outlining works best for me.
  • Magic the Gathering is a fun game and soaks up free time like a sponge.
  • Never, never, never write past 2:00am. My brain doesn't work after that time. I have to heavily change or cut what I wrote past that time anyway.  Forcing myself just that little bit forward will only make me less likely to return to my draft the next day.
  • Breaking the story down into scenes helped with both pacing and moving the narrative along, Scrivener is really helpful with that. It really helped with questions like: "When do I stop writing?" and "Does this scene convey the information I need to keep the story moving?"
  • Waiting until the last minute to come up with a goofy light novel title might not have been the best idea...
  • Waiting for inspiration to strike to close the light novel might not have been the best idea...
  • Waiting until the last day before submissions were due to write that conclusion might not have been the best idea either...

What is a cat?

  • A pile of fur. Comes in layers.
  • Many small teeth for chewing on important wires
  • Wavy tail useful for brushing up against noses
  • Zero consideration for personal space when you could be feeding them
  • Beans

What are their secrets? How does one unlock them?

Are dragons okay to write about?

I really like dragons.