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I've managed to evade them by jumping just before the missiles hit my ship and luring them into the ground or clouds. I've also tried luring them into other ships, but the missiles seem to just go straight through them. I wasn't sure if I was seeing something, or if they actually missed. I'm working on discovering different methods as well, but I get so panicky when there is a missile locked on to me. Despite that, they are a lot of fun to try and avoid.

I'm having a silly amount of difficulty evading missiles, but I'm still learning the basics of the game. I was surprised to find I couldn't shoot them down. Was that a balancing decision, or more of a technical one?

I'm not sure if this is the right spot to mention it, but supporting more resolutions would be super useful to me. My display is running at 1910 x 1200 and any of the included resolutions become unplayable in fullscreen stretch mode. Beautiful game so far though. It reminds me a lot of Galax-Z, one of my favorite tightly controlled sidescrolling shooters.