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Joshua Day

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Thanks for the feedback. Those are really good ideas. I did fix the slippery movement, but it definitely still needs work.


Thank you!

Thank you for playing.

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you.

I fixed the movement, so hopefully it should be a lot more enjoyable.

I'm glad you had fun!

Thank you. I would definitely like to add more interesting projectiles in the future, and perhaps some sort of singleplayer mode as well.

The concept is great, but the game is confusing. I'd like to see you further develop this idea; it would make for a really fun game!

This was a fun game. I only wish you had more control over what cards you get; for example, if when you "took" a card from a chest or pot, it would put it immediately in your hand.

This is a fun little game. I really liked piecing together the backstory here, particularly when it mentioned that humans are extinct. Good work!

I really liked the story you were telling here and how all the art and sounds contributed to the stressful tone. I will say that the fact that your levels could suddenly drop while in a situation discouraged me from actually reading the text, which is probably why I failed so often. Other than that, great game!

Thank you. I had a lot of fun testing it out with my little brother.

I'll definitely touch up the controls once the jam ends. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I wanted to add a lot more projectiles, but I couldn't figure it out. Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I'm going to have to fix that bug. I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway.

I'll fix up the controls soon, and I would like to add a singleplayer mode in the future. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you. I'm glad you had fun!


Thanks for the feedback. I'll fix the movement when the jam ends.

Yeah, I couldn't figure out how to make the AI in the short time, but I'd like to try adding it in the future.

Thank you. I'm going to refine the controls when the jam ends.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!

Thank you! I'd like to add a singleplayer mode in the future, but I only had time to program one mode.

Thank you!

Yeah, I've gotten a lot of feedback about the slippery controls. I'll have to touch that up when the jam ends. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. I'd definitely like to add a single-player mode in the future.

I like the concept. The mix between turn-based action and the platforms that move in real time was particularly clever. The only problem was that it lags when a lot of fire is on-screen. Other than that, it was a wonderful game!

Definitely an interesting idea. Sprinting into the wizard was a bit counter-intuitive, but other than that the game was easy to understand and fun to play.

I really enjoyed this game. I think you got the character movement just right, so the game feels great. And I love the variety in the enemy design.

This is a very fun game. The mechanic of timed actions is very unique, and you did a very good job of exploring the possibilities.

This is a wonderful game. I love the retro aesthetic, and it's super fun to play.

This is one of the most fun web games I have ever played--including ones with month and months of development time. I love the art, the concept is perfectly executed, and the game is filled with wonderful juice. Good work!

Thank you! 

Thanks. I wish I could have had more variety, but two days wasn't nearly enough for me...

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed fighting yourself. 

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun!