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ok, yeah this is not a bug. the pages do indeed spawn. you just need to use the friendly-vision (bound to weapon 4) to see them. and you don't need to lead the NPC to the location he wants to visit. you just need to go there, stand in the right spot facing the right direction so it takes the picture and then tell him about it. once you tell him, the quest is over.

UD e1m4: fishing out a dopefish for the quest, dropping it, picking it back up during diving placeholder animation played. it said i could return to the quest sender and the game crashed to console when checking inventory

april 12th build. i don't know if this is a bug, it's fun, but it's super janky. feels really off. as a side little "haha" it's fine. but it just feels like i am destroying something beautiful by doing this in actual play.

this should work right?

(thursday march 29th build) the only "bug" i could find wasn't even a bug, just in map 24 (the chasm) i was asked to find a texture which was a mid texture. and i can't select mid textures.

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(edit: i was using wadsmush) i just played doom 2 from map 01 and finishing map 19. i did find a few errors:
-map 31 got a fishing quest, but the only liquid is a water ceiling i cannot fish on because the fishing beaver is floor-only

-map 32 keens and tag 666

-map 16 photo quest destination in the hidden teleport area where the monsters wait until they can hear you

-map 18 missing textures

-map 19 missing textures

-map07 ticks and traps crash on launch:

(also, not really a bug per se, but on map 06 a texture was selected by the quest. but that texture was a super obscure placement as the bottom of 3 different doors essentially obscuring the majority of the texture. so unless you dragged it into an editor and searched for the sector the quest was looking for you would not know where it was)