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Josh Holton

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This is a really fun concept and you've put it together very nicely! Great job!

Yeah, that would be a great application. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and comment :)

This is fantastic! Such a fun idea and even reading the rules is entertaining!

This is great! Very detailed and clear. The character classes are particularly cool!

Thanks! I hope you have lots of fun with it!

That sounds like a fantastic place to live! I hope you have a lot of fun playing.

Thanks! I'm really glad you like it. Hope you get a lot of fun and interest out of watching the birds.

This sounds like a fun and positive concept. I'm looking forward to playing it when it's finished.

Wow! This is very good. Very well presented too!

Thanks! I'm really pleased you like it.

This is an awesome idea! I love how it focuses on one important moment of a story and how that moment effects the life and legend that follows. Great stuff!

This is great! I love how detailed it is, and the concept is brilliant. It's a great perspective to explore the world of Sherlock Holmes from!

I love the originali-TEA of this game! Made me think of all the weird stuff people could put in tea bags without us knowing though...

This is a great concept and really fun to play!

Hey, if you fancy giving my game Auspex a go, I would be interested to see how you get on with it. Here's the link: Auspex by Josh Holton (
Either way, I look forward to seeing your blog!

This is really good and gives people a lot to work with. I particularly like the local event table. Thanks for sharing!

This is a beautiful and very enjoyable creation. Thanks for sharing it!

This is really cool. I particularly like the "Event" and "Changed" cards as they hit the perfect balance of being broad, but interesting enough to inspire. Thanks for sharing.

This is fantastic! It's a really ambitious and exciting idea, and I really enjoyed it. I will certainly play again in the future.

This is very interesting and extremely well presented. Thanks for sharing your process!

I love how you look at the world! Your imagination for pervasive games is brilliant!

This is a really good idea! Thanks for making and sharing this!

Thanks so much for making this. It's really clear and helpful, and I'll definitely be having a go!

You've done a great job making a surreal atmosphere here. I'm keen to see where the story goes.

I love the aesthetic of this, and it's a really cool idea!

This is great writing! Really powerful!

This is one of the most beautiful and interesting pieces of art that I've ever seen. Wow!

This is great! I love how you tell us so much about the character through showing us his room.

This is scary! You've done a great job building tension with really good pacing. I hope you do some more like this.

Your colour use is spectacular! Love the soundtrack too!

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Hi All,

I'm excited to become part of the community!

I made my first game public yesterday. It's a short interactive fiction about the vulnerability of childhood, the inevitability of fate, and the hypnotic power of slot car racing.

Check the content warning before playing, as it's a dark game, but it's not intended to upset anyone.

The visuals on this are amazing! I've never seen anything like it!

Wow! You really know how to make a creepy atmosphere! The word challenges were pretty fun too and it's paced really well!