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Josh Penn-Pierson

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The True Slime King (currently in Early Access)

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That's really odd. It's not supposed to do that. I have no idea what's going on; it works fine on all of the devices I tested it on. My only suggestion is to try restarting your browser (but you've probably already tried that). What operating system and browser are you using?

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The True Slime King has been in development for 1.5 years and just released into Early Access today!

I've gone through a lot of emotions over the course of this project, and I'm sure I'll go through even more as I take the game through Early Access to full release. I'm really appreciative that this website exists and that there are such supportive communities out there for indie developers. I'm launching my game exclusively on to start with; that's how awesome I think this website is.

After getting this far with my game, I just want to give back to the communities, but the only thing I have to offer at this point is my words of encouragement. So all you out there reading this, whether you're a game developer or not, this is for you...

Go after your dreams,

pursue them fast.

The hard times will pass;

the good ones won't last.

In the end, you are the journey,

whichever journey you many take.

You only fail if you stop.

Don't get caught up on mistakes.

And if you want to check out my game, here's the link to the page:

The True Slime King is a single player hardcore puzzle platformer with a focus on tight controls, challenging maneuvers, and mind-bending puzzles.