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>Sees dead body in the street
"Oh what a shame but ok"
>Sees another body in the house
Not too bad of a game, bit clunky, but hey, not bad.
The twist was more funny to me than anything but whatever, did what you could.

Not exactly special. The music was actually kinda grating, and the twist was so obvious, yet had no build up. Good graphics, just not exactly something I think reached the full potential. 

That may be, but it never mentions it as a prototype, and from what I can see, It presents itself as a finished product. it's better to be brutally honest for the Developer rather than just speak nothing but Praise. Praise alone doesn't give you any worthwhile feedback on what you're doing wrong.

That was... Pretty awful.
The style, while clearly inspired by the game the entire premise is based on, Baldi's Basics, Is rather... Well, you go too far into the "Suck" and forget the "Stylistic" of "Stylistic Suck". Baldi's used the weird graphics as a way to make things look odd, each one being somewhat different, not all really bad models. The main villain has no animation, and when even Baldi has some animation, which is in time with his movement, you know you got a stinker.

The AI, well, It certainly does something, but basic pathfinding is hardly anything to boast about. Plus, giving me not even one notebook before I'm chased is a bit odd. Especially since it is impossible to lose them if you see them. They always move at, and this is a rough guess, The same speed as the player. Meaning you don't get a chance to lose him, but at the same time, you can't exactly get caught if you don't stop. Compare this to Baldi, who gets increasingly faster as you progress, but starts off non-hostile and when the chase begins, he can't move that much, pausing quite often. If you underestimate them, however, he basically teleports to you with his actual movement speed being the highest in the game.

Atmosphere, well, it felt like a free game, and that's about all I can say. It... Basically just existed.

I would say "Hey, it works as a first project but - you can do better", but given how adamantly you defend the game like it's flawless is very bad as a game developer. Not everything you make is good, but if you try you will make less bad shit. It's a starting point for programming, but nothing really good in any other department. 

Please, if you really want to make more games, try to consider that it's not a quick process, even for something as simple as Baldi's Basics. If you intend to make more games that are inspired by other games, at least have the courtesy to give credit. Otherwise, it comes across as theft, or a rip-off.

Thank you for the response! Played through with the text, and the game is more adorable with it! Though, the textless version helps with the utter insanity of the gameplay, having no clue about the story is a nice way to compliment the gameplay. Nothing makes sense until you figure it out, then it makes total sense. Though, given the first level, I'm a tad concerned about the lack of an epilepsy warning. The sudden flashing colors and explosions? It's just something to keep in mind. 

Overall though, the gameplay is confusing, but only in level one, which you can learn pretty quick on the fly in your first playthough, then the other levels, I never didn't know what to do, cause the first level primed me for knowing "This doesn't play by normal game rules", so even at what seemed a dead end, the solution just seemed natural. It's masterfully designed confusion is the best way I can put it. It makes total sense, and there's no giant leaps of logic, it's just the lack of explanation forces you to learn on the fly, and it never felt unfair. It always just felt like what I was supposed to do was obvious, but only cause I learned what it was saying. 

If you do ever expand this idea, keep me posted, this is very interesting, no matter if I knew what was being said or not. Both the Story and Gameplay are both intriguing, since even with the dialogue, the levels don't quite make sense, but for me, the first few seconds of being totally confused, the controls being seemingly weird at first, then each time I fell off the map, I learned something new. The first time I played, I jumped everywhere and didn't touch the camera, but then found swinging's use by accident, and each time I fell, it felt like I learned something new. Nothing is explained, but it doesn't need to be explained. It's total insanity at first, but as you play, you decrypt it on your own without help. Sure, it's not for everyone, but the gradual discovery experience is something I find mesmerizing. 

Haven't played too far into the game, but I gotta say, I don't understand a thing happening, but I like it. Feels like something half-finished, but, in an oddly good way, you're working your way through something that only works as its own thing. There's no text, so I have no idea what is happening, but I almost think that it would be worse if I understood.