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Played this with my four year old godson. He really loved it. Cute art, basic critical thinking scenarios, and enjoyable for all ages. 

I can't get mana or make magic items. I also can't use demon skins and stuff to craft. Or craft items past tin. How were you able to do that? What server are you using?

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Another helpful tip-- if you dig through enough of the mines, treasure and items get dug up. Spend enough time doing this and you'll indubitably find a map. This gives you a top-down look at each 'room' you're in. Normally $500 from an NPC or $1000 if you find a magical one.

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Hey, so I've encountered a few issues. Some have been mentioned before-- chests in dungeons can't be opened, only destroyed. I'm also having this happen sometimes with loot bags---- including, unfortunately, the ones that have all my gear when i respawn, after a tie or win against the devil.

Other than that, the most common thing i'm encountering is crafting/creation errors. I have the ingredients and workplaces for items, then am unable to build them. I have never been able to learn spells from the spell pages, despite having a wand and spellbook equipt. I'm not able to make Divine strings or whatever they're called, which is literally just clouds and either: string, or spider silk (I tried both). I'm also getting deeper into the mines and here's my biggest issue--- I could play without any magic items working (as I have been), but to get the more precious metals, you need a hard enough tool. I have iron, copper, titanium... the list goes on. But the highest level metal tools I am able to craft are made of tin. What's up with that? 

Can anybody help me?

(P.S. I have a Crafting Book, Magnifying Glass, and Study Book, so it's not like I'm not trying to up my research stats, if that's a factor in what I can craft. I have 240+ recipes)

I noticed in the opening speach, you use "he or she," then "they" is used the whole time. This may seem extra picky, but until gender options are added, couldn't the neutral be in that speach too?

I'd agree with this. All the dialog is really unique and I feel like I miss out hear the villagers out because I'm stressing about time, and a slow reader. An auto pause would also be useful when I open up my inventory to read about the villagers, and check the star ratings of businesses

I went to reinstall and now no matter what way I try, it's saying the current zip is incompatible, or that there are no files at all.

Sorry for all this trouble. Thank you for your help.

I just downloaded today (so it should be the updated version), and I can't get past the bus part of the tutorial. I just get stuck on the loading screen. I've tried Simple, Fast, and Fastest; lowering the res doesn't seem to effect it.  Any advice?