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Another helpful tip-- if you dig through enough of the mines, treasure and items get dug up. Spend enough time doing this and you'll indubitably find a map. This gives you a top-down look at each 'room' you're in. Normally $500 from an NPC or $1000 if you find a magical one.

Oh I know. I managed to get lucky wandering on the surface to find a wizard NPC selling both a magic wand and a return jewel. made a book, got mana, and bam. had a wonderful time. started doing dungeon dives after I managed to find an opal rapier[stupidly good weapon btw early game], and after that, well, I managed to find an npc selling an Omnibench 5000. Farmed up money, bought it, and then went demon hunting in dungeons to make demon metal equips[it is STUPIDLY easy to do that btw, like seriously!]. Before I stopped playing, I had started simply wandering aimlessly on the surface, opening map every tile hoping to find more blood crystals in order to make the highest tier drill. already got every spell, max mana, but I can't cast the higher tier time skips, they just crash. Oh, I also got enough shop price lowering acc's to make it so I can infinitely loop for infinite money

I can't get mana or make magic items. I also can't use demon skins and stuff to craft. Or craft items past tin. How were you able to do that? What server are you using?


Mana: Wander the surface until you find a Wizard selling either a Mana Jewel or a Wand. If Jewel, craft it with a stick at a bench, if Wand, craft a book. Use the wand on the book to get the Spellbook. Open the Spellbook and use the only available spell[Mana Acquirement I]to unlock mana, and set your max to 50. If you REALLY wanna craft your own, I don't honestly remember where you craft them at.

Metal Progression: Forge to craft Bars, 6 Cobblestone Walls+4 Coal, to craft with metals above Tin, you need an Anvil, which is 6 Cobblestone Walls+4 Iron at a Forge. Copper tools require String, and must be done at Stonebench next to Workbench. I honestly suggest simply finding a town that has a forge and an anvil and steal them, fairly certain you need at least Copper level to break it. 

Demon Skin: Armor is crafted at a Forge+Tannery at the same time[Armor has set bonus that boosts your damage output, EXTREMELY powerful]. Demon Metal[1 Iron+3 Demon Leather] needs Alloy Smeltery[2 Forges, 26 Cobblestone Walls, 8 Coal, 4 Iron], Demon Metal tools are Iron+Tin+Demon Metal.

And I'm not on a server, don't even think there ARE servers. 

Also, sorry for not responding anytime recently, don't check this website much.

to craft with metals above tin you don't need an anvil, that's just for armor. for tin and copper tools you just use a stonebench, and making copper tools takes string too