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Hey, so I've encountered a few issues. Some have been mentioned before-- chests in dungeons can't be opened, only destroyed. I'm also having this happen sometimes with loot bags---- including, unfortunately, the ones that have all my gear when i respawn, after a tie or win against the devil.

Other than that, the most common thing i'm encountering is crafting/creation errors. I have the ingredients and workplaces for items, then am unable to build them. I have never been able to learn spells from the spell pages, despite having a wand and spellbook equipt. I'm not able to make Divine strings or whatever they're called, which is literally just clouds and either: string, or spider silk (I tried both). I'm also getting deeper into the mines and here's my biggest issue--- I could play without any magic items working (as I have been), but to get the more precious metals, you need a hard enough tool. I have iron, copper, titanium... the list goes on. But the highest level metal tools I am able to craft are made of tin. What's up with that? 

Can anybody help me?

(P.S. I have a Crafting Book, Magnifying Glass, and Study Book, so it's not like I'm not trying to up my research stats, if that's a factor in what I can craft. I have 240+ recipes)