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Joseph Cantrell

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I don't do third person in 3D although I like Dark Souls.  Actually, I'm brushing up my 2D female designs so I can make a 2D RPG platformer game series focused around sexy female leads.

This game is currently on a bit of hiatus while I work on getting a new job so I can continue work on For My Aspect 2, after which my Godot game dev skills will be enhanced enough that my progress on Prophet Launcher 3D will be a lot swifter.

Sure.  I got a little further too.  I started writing the sequel, but I lost my paintbrush XP to level up my Tome skill and am now  mired in a snowstorm with only one piece of the map.

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The whole short story is intentionally vague to be artistically interpretive like poetry.  It's a great start for my interactive story writing endeavors.  Rise from your bed with C and jump to the sky with ease using Space.  CSpace.  

Keep playing; the game gets better as I continued to learn and work.

-Joseph Cantrell, JC

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For My Aspect (F.M.A.) is my first first person horror combat game.  As Scipione Matella, survive the harsh climate of Fluorescent Mountain in Alaska and wrestle inner demons while collecting experiences for Scipione's upcoming attempt at a novel.

I've been working full time for 2.5 months on this game as I am currently looking for a new job.  Originally, I intended the game to be very short, sweet, and a free intro to my story-telling.  In the meantime, I've extended the experience with collectables, platforming elements, and flashlight combat (like Alan Wake but first person).  

Download it here for $4:

Also check out my other paid and free games here:

I also have a personal website wherein you may learn more about me if you wish:

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The atmosphere is great, but I think some music would  add to it.

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I like it.  It reminds me of The Legend of Zelda and Startropics.

Bugs: Diamonds respawn in chests when you die.  No stones for next stone quest!

Great job holding onto the work that went in since Spyro became Zera.  I've been following this since before Reignited.  I'm hoping Activision will make another Spyro game, but in the meantime, thanks for this reimagining.

The game is very funny.  I like the dog's idle animation of shaking his head.  Some suggestions: fullscreen, a pause menu, stronger flashlight, and fix the player movement.

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Good graphics for a Sonic game!  I started playing with Sonic the Hedgehog for Genesis.  Movement on sloped surfaces needs some work.

It works for me.  Which platform?

Infernal Shadowrunner is my very first 3D game.  I decided to make a procedurally generated infinite runner type of game, so you sprint and jump around square platforms to light up (collect) little decorative orbs.  Oh, and there is a massive wall of fire (a firewall) chasing after you the whole time!  The speed of the firewall as well as its color is configurable on a scale of 0-200%.  Most of the in-game color palette can be modified with two RGBA color wheels found in the options menu.  

The game is only $.34 right now  (66% off) for the Black Friday sale, and it will continue to be on sale for $.34 for the entire week after the Black Friday sale ends!  Here's the link to check it out:

I've also created a homepage for this game on my website (among my other creations):

I can't wait to get a VR headset so I can try this!

I'll be on the lookout for this game!