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Jose Deschamps

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Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoy the game.

Thank you for playing it.

Thank you so much for the kind words. Indeed the ending was a little abrupt, I will be added more to this project in the future. 

Thank you so much for the kind words! I glad you enjoy the game! :)

This game doesn't work, just freeze when I click the middle button.

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ah I see, good luck man. Btw I'm have submitted aswell, hope to see you there bro!

No download link yet!?

Thanks. So glad you like it. I will definitely add that on the next patch update with more levels.


Deja Vu / The Story of Paco is a simplistic puzzle game where you experience being stuck in a inescapable room that never ends. Follow the riddles and the clues to uncover Paco untold story.

Check it out and tell me whatcha guys think about it!

Follow me Instagram @TheYesManJose to get the lastest updates on projects that I'm working on.

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I love your game and the meaning behind it. Which reflexes the problem that woman face everyday.  This game has inspire me and crossover to my own work. I recent develop a game about sexual assault called DaisyVR for the GearVR.

Keep up the good work and continue to make great games. :)

Cool game bro.

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Thank you for the kind words. I'm planning to add more to the project as I get more free time.

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Thanks lol I forgot to remove that. Just fixed it.

Torren is game where you explore a world that has recently lost its color due to an mysterious creature who has appear.

Link to the game -

How did you like the game?

No it's not.

Oh I see, I will definitely look into that for next coming semester. I have John Sharp and Ben Norskov for the game design classes right now. The loading screen has a functional purpose for making the next scene have no lag when starting, since I'm using a lot of getcomponent functions at the start of the scene. It helped reduction the lag, this is a problem that I had before when I was creating the endless runner where it would have a slight delay after clicking the start button to begin the game.

I'm taking a Game studio plus a Lab, Coding class using processing and a object of history class. Did you check out my 2D space game? I did all of the art and sound except the music of course. I was so excited I finally got a loading screen working perfectly lol. How's everything going with you?

Haha yea, just some homework from Parson.