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Monolith (Monument)

I don't think people are supposed to download the Unity Web Player version and do you just collect bottles forever? You should have a restart button too for when the slow cyclone hugs you.

Pretty interesting take on an idle game. I think it would be super interesting if you could change some variables, or some of the code for your character AI so you change how they move around and their playstyle.

Can you put all this files into a .zip file using winrar or something?

Thank you.

Like why do some walls make you slide up while others drop you to your death, at least make them a different colour or something.

Sorry, It's already a hard game but there's also a bunch of weird timing things that also feel unfair.

Yeah, It's just trick trying to land on the right spot then you go flying the opposite direction.

when in the air the controls should be adding a force instead of setting a velocity, and why can't you jump down to a lower platform?

It's like a bad dream.

That really high pitch sound that plays a few times at the start of the music loop should not exist, the rest of it was amazing. for the mechanics I think it might be good if you could tug on the leash and/or have a tiny amount of influence on character movement while in the air with WASD. Really lovely game.

The particles flying by make it hard to read what things you have to keep track of, if that makes and sense. It makes visual noise and it's a bit harder to see enemies and bullets coming at you.

I hate this game, the first thing I would change is making the restart button space, and I could make a list of other things if you want.