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Thanks a lot :)

No more alpha version!

I added more choices, multiple endings and the handles are smooth now! :)

If you want to support my work, follow the link below:

No donation is too small!

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An Atmospheric Horror Game!

- Become a part of an atmospheric dystopian world!
- Make tough moral decisions!
- Explore a hostile city full of mysteries!
- Play as a beggar kid and make it through the day!
- Discover multiple endings!
- Solve riddles and follow creepy rumors!
- Enjoy this arty horror adventure!

Play Game:

Watch Trailer:

Hey, thanks for your comment. Yeah, actually I was wondering what's meant by pixel aesthetic. I've drawn the animations using pixels, so I thought it may count ;) And concerning the time:  I've started the game in June, but it's still 'early access'. I'm currently trying to get rid of all the bugs. So it's still developing. :) 

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Thanks! Unfortunately the controls are a bit messy. Nothing bad but it would cost me weeks of work to fix it. I already know how I could avoid the problem in episode II, though :)

Hey thanks for playing. Maybe it's a bit hard for proceeding, especially in the beginning. You need to go to the sewers ;) Tell me, if you need more hints!

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Oh man! I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope it's worth it :) When I log out, it still works perfectly fine in safari and in firefox ...

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Chrome users seem to have problems playing the game in the browser. That's why i made it available for download.

Thanks for your comment, and please be aware that this is still an alpha version, the handles can be a bit buggy sometimes (nothing bad), everything else works fine. If you're stuck and need a hint to proceed, don't hesitate to comment here. I'll answer asap. :)

Thanks for letting me know. The file is now available for download. Be aware that this is still an alpha, the handles can be a bit buggy sometimes, everything else works fine. If you're stuck and need a hint to proceed, don't hesitate to comment here. I'll answer asap. :)

you can play it directly in the browser;) just wait a minute until the grey screen turns black:)

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I just released the draft to The Guts of The City – Episode I, a dark horror point 'n click game!

Play it here:

This short game plays in a hostile urban future. You're a panhandling kid trying to make it through the day.

Navigate through the beggarly Zone and the Frontier, the border to Whale Town.

(The handles are still a bit buggy, that's why I labeled it under early access.)

This animation plays about 20-30 years before the game:

This game is actually my very first game. I've created it in flash.

Thanks for playing, I'm looking forward to your feedback!