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I like Wario Ware type video games, this one puts a neat little twist on the game.

I do find it odd to be staring at a black screen for long intervals, made me think the game was broken at first, I think at least some visual polish could bring this game a long way as well since it does look barren right now.

Nice game, I liked it.

This game had me tricked, I thought it was going to be Flappy Bird. In all seriousness I thought this was a pretty neat puzzle game, loved that one momentum based puzzle.

Speaking of momentum, I felt that the character slowed down at odd times, which felt unsatisfying to say the least.

Nice game either way.

Cute looking game, but the tutorial does not work so I'm not sure what I'm even supposed to do in this video game. Nice job on the jam game.

The idea of the game is cool, characters with different controls is cool. I do feel that the movement and lack of attack during the demon form made many rooms (that I completed) a hassle, his slippery movement does not compliment the auto attack I feel. 

The art is nice and cute, I like the big demon guy.

In the end it is still a nice game, good job!

Interesting, I do like the idea of using a rather simplistic game to convey a deeper and rather disturbing message, I did not expect that. Reminds me of one of those old PSA's, good job man.

Interesting idea.

I gotta say that those sounds woke me up and the poses the robot made were fun, very satisfying to work with!

The mechanic of swapping the colours around was cool and got me in ways I didn't see coming. Though that did get me in situations that felt kinda mean. I think an indicator of an upcoming  event would have been nice, like a counter telling you how many moves left until a swap.

I also agree that the next block should blink the upcoming colour, it would be easier on the eyes instead of having the player shift their eyes everywhere to see what key they have to press.

This is one of my favourite entries; while simple, it is fun and satisfying to control!

The destruction physics were fun, satisfying to watch the truck's parts fly around.

I feel like once I've beaten the 1st level I've seen it all, unless there is more past the 5th level other than the trucks arriving sooner.

would've been nice to have as well, as it would have made the destruction of it all even more satisfying.

Good job on the game fella!

I found that the graphics were cute, I personally would have strayed away from mixing differently sized pixels, however that doesn't detract from the game at all.

the puzzles could have been more fleshed out, as I found myself easily beating them by walking back and forth in the starting positions; I do not blame you though, as it is a jam game. I really liked the little grey things that you could use to pass pits, they are cool.

The mechanic of the game may have been easier to understand if there were a more demonstrative tutorial level, as I found myself confused about the game until I read one of the comments. It really isn't intuitive for the player to know that the character in-game will jump through the obstacles. 

I found myself being able to get stuck on walls by walking into them, which I assume is a bug that worked in conjunction with the broken restart/menu button on level 7.

Nice job on the game man!

The way you can mess yourself up is cool, shooting too much lends to some cool looking visuals. The rockets could be slower, as the area of play doesn't allow the player to react to the projectiles as they would in traditional 2d bullet hells. Variety in targets may have been nice, as well as making said targets more visible to the player. While holding any direction you are able to negate damage. I was able to keep going up and shooting without getting hurt by my bullets. Nice job on the game, clever idea!

I've played through the first level 3 times and have not been able to progress through the game. I assume something has broken, or I am doing things wrong since I collected all the bananas.

Goodness, the controls for the kill pill are tough, and I like it. The way you switch direction upon taking another pill is pretty funny, and can be tough to get a hand of. The pill in front of the spawning position can be rather annoying sometimes, as I found myself dying before I could start. I think death effects for the enemies could be nice too, which would make killing them more satisfying, especially in huge groups.

Interesting game I haven't seen anything like this yet. I find the item rotation to be quite weird at some points, made it kinda of annoying to try and get the correct item out to kill an enemy blocking my path. I also found many other items like the book and shield to be useless, unless I were to accidentally use it...  this may be the intention though, I'm not sure. In all honesty the music could've used a bit of work,  the loop that was used got hard to listen to. The graphics were pretty cute, I also did like how some enemies acted, like the zombie and the wizard. Nice job overall!

I always like a good ol' top-down shooter, even as simple as it is. I do feel it gets rather repetitive fast, it was also very easy to steam-roll enemies when you get enough upgrades which kinda removes the tension of fighting against a plethora of enemies. I do find the graphics charming, the wisps are easy to differentiate from and act in pretty neat ways. I just wish it had a bit more and personally wish it were more hard. Nice work on the game!