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Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for your nice feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I would be happy, if my game would be in the last round, too.

Thanks. It's great that you are playing all the beautiful games here!

Wow, that is a really great and funny game. Excellent work!

Thanks. I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

Oops. Thats a very interressting bug...

But I have to say, your village looks great. You placed them so close together :D

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I started creating games because the IT-lessons at school were to boring. That was one and a half year ago. I learned a lot since then.

At this game jam I made my first try at strategy building-games.

Would love if you could give it a try: 

This is so great, when the jam hosts stream the submitted games. Thank you for the great jam and all your work!

I would - of course - love to see my game in your stream as well.

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Nice game. I loved the procedural generated levels!

Thanks for your kind words!

Thanks. I'm happy you enjoyed playing it!

I would love it to see my game played in your stream:

This is so great seeing all the great games here played!

Glad you liked it. And thanks for your great suggestion regarding the tutorial. I will keep that in minds if I develop this game further (or always when creating other games).

Nice game. it was fun to play. For some reasons I always needed a few seconds before I was able to click te "Retry Level" button. But your game mechanics are so smooth that this little bug isn't that bad either.

Thanks for your amazing feedback. I'm gad you enjoyed playing (and hopefully will enjoy playing it to the end).

Haha,  nice. I'm happy you enjoined it (PS: You are near to my best time. Only 2 mins missing)

Your game was short but it was fun to play. The only thing that could be made better is the camera-movement. I would recomment creating a third person camera.
And - of course - it would be great to have more levels with more breads to find.
PS: I loved your lowpoly-pixel art style.

I'm not the biggest fan of text adventure games, but your game looks clean has a very unique idea. Great work. Especially for your first game with godot!

I tried playing your game but got this error.

If you are new to Godot, I will tell you what you have to change to get your game to work:
After exporting your game, you have a TumbleBee.exe AND a TumbleBee.pck file. Most of your data is stored in the .pck-File. So you need both files to make your game run.
I would recommend you to
- export your game into a new folder
- make a zip-Folder out of the Folder with your .exe and your .pck file
- Edit your game page on itch io: Remove the TumbleBee.exe from and upload your ZIP-Folder.

Hope this helps

Thank you for the kind words.
I had hollidays and the weather was bad so I had a lot of time to work on my game.

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yeah, it was made within 10 days for a game-jam so I hadn’t any time to make it more complex.

Could you please remove the game Drift Sports too?
It's submitted to more then five jams and not made within the game jam period.

yeah, one round is as long as the music and we hadn't had the time to find a new music, to make our rounds shorter.

Really thanks for your feed-back!

okay, thanks for your feedback. How long have you played the game? The first one ore two minutes are boring, I know. But that is to understand the game and get into it. Than it's getting harder. Wasn't it getting hard enought for you or had you stopped player after one minute, because you haven't tought of the fakt, that it could get harder?

I tried it myself. Now I can say, why you got back to the mainmenu: You made the value of the pizzas you have left so high that it was to big to be stored as an integer. So it was set to 0. That means you died and so you got back to the mainmenu :)

Thanks for your feedback

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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, the music was the biggest part of the game. I hope you enjoyed playing (and cracking) it :)

Thanks for your feedback. The warning is a good idea. Our game was thought to be mainly rythm-based (enemies, shooting, obstacles and flashing are this). So racing and shooter are standing on the 2nd rank :)

no problem :)

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thanks for your feedback. I hope you enjoed to play our game.

(would be nice if you could rate our game :)

nice 3d and fun game. I agree with all the others here with the camera. I would do the camera like in this 3d-game for the wild jam:

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Thanks!!! We wanted to make a pause-menu with continue and break options, but the time was running out... 

Including a highscore is also a good idea. Tanks for playing our game and giving feedback! I hope you enjoyed to play it!

Thanks for your feedback! We all hope you enjoyed to play our game.

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Thank you for testing our game! Yeah, we hadn't time to make more than this one level. So we made this level big and included 5 missions in it :)

I hope you enjoyed it

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Thanks for testing our game. I hope you enjoyed it :)

PS: If you would have used your brain instead of your cheat engine, you would have lost that much of your spare time. But I'm glad to hear, that you hadn't been able to cheat you trouth the mission :) 

Have a good day (one of the four developers)